Wednesday, October 1, 2014

-Barack Hussein Ebola; Owning the Legacy

Yesterday, we learned that Ebola has made it to the USA. The good news is that US hospitals are better equipped to combat the virus than West African nations, once the infected patient is located, isolated and quarantined. The bad news is, the patient may have contacted more people than originally thought and the disease could possibly run rampant. Lots of doctors on TV today telling the viewing audience not to worry and basically reducing the symptoms of the virus to nothing more than a bad cold.
Over 3000 people have died from the bug. In Africa, the disease is helped along by unsanitary conditions. In the US and the developed world, airports, seaports, border stations and other public transportation centers are not incredibly sanitary. Most of these places confine people to tight quarters. No elbow room while you are waiting for luggage or waiting to use the toilet on a jet or a train or a bus.
What does the president have to do with this? About as much as George Bush had with regard to influencing the path of Hurricane Katrina.
However, Obama did two things that I believe were not well thought out. The Ebola outbreak has been in brush-fire mode since February of this year. Inevitably, US aid workers or health care volunteers were exposed to the virus while in West Africa.
Firstly, the State department brought them home rather than bring the treatment to them. A noble gesture, but risky with a disease that should never have been exported. The experimental vaccines seem to have stabilized the impact of the virus and may be a quick cure.
Second, the president ordered 3000 soldiers into West Africa to combat the virus. No doubt many of these soldiers will be exposed and infected. The precedent will be to shuttle American Ebola patients  from the hot-zone.
The Dallas patient was not deliberately brought here by the State Department. He was discovered to have the symptoms and transported to the hospital. The EMS crew that transported him is being quarantined.
I wonder how many cases will emerge in the western hemisphere or the developed world over the next few weeks.
Whether Ebola stalls and goes dormant or spreads and goes rampant does not erase the period and the people in charge on the historic timeline. Barack Hussein Ebola 2014. It is now part of his legacy just as Eric Holder's malfeasance as Attorney General will be footnoted in some history books.
Barack Ebola.
Another visitor to our country purportedly from Latin America is Enterovirus D68 or EV-D68.
The disease has its origins in Honduras or broadly, Central America. The administration has been completely lax on border safety and it is believed that the spread of EV-D68 is directly attributed to the relocation and "diaspora" of illegal immigrants by the Obama Administration across the continental US.
As I type this, the Bloomberg Headline reads: *CDC CONFIRMS FOUR ADDITIONAL CASES OF EV-D68 IN NEW JERSEY...
A recent article states:
In Missouri, doctors are investigating whether Enterovirus D68 caused three children to develop paralysis in their limbs this month, Mary Anne Jackson, director of the division of infectious disease at Children’s Mercy Kansas City, said in a telephone interview. In Colorado, officials are examining at least 10 similar cases of severe muscle weakness and limb paralysis, according to Children’s Hospital Colorado.

While the virus has been confirmed in all but 10 states, with 277 cases, the actual number is likely much higher with at least one hospital in Colorado seeing thousands of suspected cases, health authorities said. Testing facilities have been overwhelmed with samples and only the sickest are being tested.
Barack Ebola.