Thursday, March 12, 2015

- Everything You Need To Know About Ferguson MO Baltimore...

...but were afraid to ask.

Suppose for a minute you were one of those people with an IQ of 85.  How do you think you'd react to that?  To being told that you are as a matter of quantitative fact, meaningfully less intelligent than the average person?  Do you imagine that you'd embrace your fate and work even harder at filling the gap with knowledge?  Or do you imagine you'd just call it all BS, invent some reason for none of it to be your fault, and then go get stoned with your other low IQ friends?  It's a safe bet that not-very-smart people will make not-very-smart choices.

How does the ego of a man with an IQ of 85 possibly endure that knowledge being thrown in his face like that?  How would yours deal with it?  It's a real quandary.  And in my opinion this is the reason we'll never really be able to have a genuine honest to god discussion about Race in America.  Because no matter how hard we try to explain things, the majority members of one of the races simply lacks the ability to understand it.

What's worse is that the inability of that man to understand the issue correctly, is manifest evidence of the existence of the issue in the first place.  As you move to the left on the scale of IQ's, the first skill that seems to fall away is the ability to assess the intelligence of others.  A man with an IQ of 85 thinks everyone else in the world is no more intelligent than he is.

At this point I discount all charges of racism against pretty much anyone, to zero.  For every legitimate complaint there are tens of thousands of others that are launched absent even the tiniest shred of evidence.  Though if the distirbution of white IQ's looked the same as the distribution of black IQ's above, I'll bet there would be more valid cause for complaint.