Thursday, July 30, 2015

- Dear Bob H. of Beaverton Oregon

Dear Bob, In an article expressing outrage over the death of Cecil the lion, I read your warning comment to Walter Palmer the dentist who shot the dangerous apex predator. I quote you here: "Keep your eyes open- someone is going to beat the living s**t out of you. I am jealous it will not be myself!". Well I have a solution for you Bob - a way to both vent your rage and address your jealousy, all at once.

I know none of the specifics of Cecil's death, nor do you, and I have never killed a lion myself, though I hope to one day. I have however killed a substantial number of Deer, many with a compound bow. Several of them I did not eat, and two of them I skinned and their hides now make up the carpet in the bedroom of my manhattan apartment. So by your standards I'm as reprehensible a human being as Dr. Palmer. So by all means let's make the most of this.

Since you were brave enough to exclaim to the world your rage at sport hunting in general and Cecil's death in particular, I want to volunteer to be the target of your anger. You may not be able to get to Dr. Palmer, but you can get to me. Please, come try to beat the S**t out of me instead. I'll hit back of course, but I'm sure that's a small price to pay for the chance at social justice that you seek.

If you're afraid you won't be able to find me, my office is on the corner of 42nd and Park avenue. I can be taken by suprise most days (if that's the kind of man you are) walking to and from my office along Lexington avenue, from my apartment at 26th street and Park. I usually get to the office about 7:00 AM, and leave between 5:00PM and 6:00PM. I'm 6 foot 1, 190 lbs, with brown hair. Photos of me can be found on John Derbyshire's website, so you'll have no trouble identifying me. Look for me in the 'hunting' section.

Or if you prefer, I'll be in Seattle in a few weeks and will be happy to come on down to your home town of Beaverton, to give you the chance to express your rage. It's been years since I've knocked out another man's tooth or broken his nose, so I'll look forward to the opportunity too. Just contact me via the email on this website.

I don't think you will though. Because like all liberals, you're a coward. A spineless, whiny, little girl who hides behind the huge mob of liberal rage and the anonymity of the internet. You're not a man, you're a child. And I think if you ever had to stand face to face with a man capable of defending himself against your slack jawed thoughtless anger, you'd pee your pants and beg him not to hurt you, and no more.

Prove me wrong you quaking little pansy. You can come here or I will come there. I'm as guilty as Dr. Palmer in your eyes. And until it's been proven absolutely that Dr. Palmer was complicit in any laws broken (if in fact there were any), I'm happy to stand in for him.

Yours in utter, total contempt and disgust,

Tom C. from RFNJ

- We Shall Over Comb

President Trump. Ugh. I feel dirty just typing it. But I do have to admit, there is a certain cultural symmetry to it. We have become a circus sideshow of a culture. Our men are women, are women are desperately trying to be men. Forget Bruce Jenner, or unconstrained hypergamy, or "the right" to gay marriage, or the rest of it. Even our special forces soldiers are commanded to march around in high heels for god's sake. It's not like this is still a proud nation with a healthy vision of itself anymore. And Trump would be the perfect barker for the circus sideshow we've become. He knows how to draw a crowd and to keep the cameras focused on him. And in terms of policy, he'd have to be an improvement over Obama.

Those of us from the New York City financial world have a very specific view of the man and that view isn't shared by most of America. Most Americans say something like "If he can do it there he can do it anywhere right?" But that's dead wrong. Donald Trump's skill is not in finding and identifying business inefficiency and improving it for financial gain. His process has been more about using the money he has (starting with his inheritance) to twist the eternally corrupt (overwhelmingly Democrat) New York political machine to serve his interests instead of the interests of his competitors. Honestly, any idiot can do that. And to those of us who really do understand the financial world, when we look at Trump the first thing we think is that any idiot has.

I've written often about what an intelligence snob I am and how insulated I was working at the hedge funds where I was employed. When I was working at Caxton, even the girl who answered the phone had an IQ of 140. And I had forgotten just how stupid 'average' is when compared to the pond I swam in. Well Trump is a man of more or less average intelligence with a talent for self aggrandizement. That's important in today's America, because fame is all that seems to matter anymore.

The government works so hard to keep the entrenched interests ... entrenched, that there isn't any room for innovation, creativity, or inspiration. Those things are 'boring' to today's Americans. But furthering that entrenchment IS something that Donald Trump knows a lot about. The only thing that's different about him is that rather than being bought off for campaign contributions, lobbyists will have to buy him off with promises of future business relationships. Obama can be bought by GE for the price of a nice dinner, a plane flight to Palm Springs, and a round of golf. For the same support President Trump will want a 5 year guaranteed business co-venture when he leaves office, and a chunk of real estate in Fairfield CT (or some such). That's what the BIG difference in a Trump presidency will be.

As such, what he represents is instability in the political 'market'. All the old relationships with the Democrat and Republican parties will have to be tossed off and new ones will all have to be made. Rulings and new laws will seem 'willy nilly' and erratic. But what they will really represent is a new order in Washington. A new way of doing business. And if you believe that new way will actually serve the interests of the common American then you're delusional. Trump is many things, and has done many things. But he's never done any of them for free. And his presidency will be about putting a larger slice of America in his pocket than anything else. There is no side benefit to common Americans in any of that.

We've had our day in the sun. America should already be described in the past tense. The ideas have been shattered, and the ideas were the only thing that held us together in the first place. The narcissistic idiots that make up the majority of the voting public, can never be brought back from where they are to a position of mental seriousness. Our journalists cannot be convinced to give up their severe liberal bias. Our collective minds have been closed, and they won't be reopened. There is no way to express the founding principles of a constitutional republic in 140 characters or less.

We have stage 4 cultural cancer. There will be no more recovery. And at a time like that, Trump may be just what the country needs. Not because he'll make things better, I'm totally convinced he won't. But because he'll make the transitional to total anarchy entertaining. Today's Americans can tolerate anything but boredom. And the Trump-Kardashian ticket is the cultural equivalent (and perfect predecessor) to the Administration of "Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho." Which is when the 'fun' will really start.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

- It's Hard Not To Admire Camille Paglia

It's very hard not to admire the thinking of such a clear eyed individual (especially since she wouldn't object in any way, to me calling her a woman.)

- I Worked Just As Hard But Failed Because "Racism"!

One of the things I’ve noticed which seems to escape most people, is the wild inaccuracy of self-assessment. Specifically, the things which are easiest for us, as you would expect, seem easy, while the things that are hard for us, seem hard. But that has no bearing on their actual value.

In my case, the other day I designed a 2 dimensional model for predicting when a series of business events will occur. When we got done analyzing the data it turned out to be wildly effective – our benchmark is something like 90% accuracy. And many of the people who work for and with me, have been looking at it like it’s some kind of magic. But not me.

To me it seemed very simple and straightforward. The data practically screamed the model into existence and in total I’d say I spent less than an hour working on the design. Now that it’s in place, it’s going to save the company upwards of a million dollars a year by giving us better information to plan against. Poof! I just made a million bucks appear, seemingly from nowhere, in about an hour.

But as easy as a thing like that is for me, corporate politics on the other hand is very hard. I’m not as inept at it as I used to be because I’ve learned a great deal over the years, mostly by making catastrophic mistakes. But none the less it consumes a huge amount of my time and energy. In a world with clear rules, and ‘right’ answers, like quantitative probability, it takes very little work for me to do what seems to others as truly amazing things. But I spend 20 hours a week worrying about the politics of business, and still fail at it almost as much as I succeed.

I think about examples like this every time an ‘equalist’ tells me that other people have worked as hard as I have, but didn’t achieve the same level of success because of racism, or misogyny or some other post-deconstructionist academic theory. How does ‘how hard they worked’ play into the thing exactly? Success is more often than not, independent of effort. I succeed at things that are easy for me, even if they are hard for others, and I fail at things that are hard for me, even when others think it’s all very basic.

So does someone who has to work ‘incredibly hard’ to drive a bus or to make cappuccinos, deserve the same compensation as someone who made a million dollars appear on the bottom line before he finished his morning coffee? And what’s more, if we’re all the ‘special snowflakes’ that the equalists always claim, then how in the world can you propose assessing people’s contribution by ‘how hard they worked’?

It’s just one more small contradiction in the philosophy littered with them, but it always struck me as an important one. Forget the debate about a $15 or $50 minimum wage. How can we expect to properly assess any two people on any metric according to how hard they think they worked?

Monday, July 27, 2015

- 2008 all over again?

I would post some charts and some other things that remind me of the volatility of 2008 before the 2009 crash, but there are many differences between then and now. What really hits me in the mush is how - like 2008, oil took a shellacking, the same talking heads say "bullish for stocks" and then the second half of 2008 was more volatile than you expected. Difference now is that Hi-Freq trading is and algorithmic interphase is more ingrained in the system. So much so that the markets will halt in the event that electronic connections are slow or impacted, rather than wait for a circuit breaker to be triggered by price thresholds. In the years before. Reg NMS, if the electronic connection was compromised, traders made markets and made phone calls. When I look back at it and explain to people this fact, it's as if I am regaling them with stories of street cars and horse drawn carriages.
Since all Hi-Freq programs are momentum influenced and most are cheap imitations of the first few RSI based quant programs, the rapidity of the coming crash will hit the markets like a rogue wave, and then as fast as it happens, it will snap back into bullish reversal signals.
With the same outrageous speed, the market can rip into stratospheric highs before settling.
I like to see myself as the tortoise in this race, but more like circling carrion bird. I may have an opportunity, but I may be wrong, but I'm not going in full boar until a pattern emerges.
Much like 2008, a bloated market is looking for an excuse to rally. It's like showing up at community swimming pool that is well beyond capacity and trying to convince yourself the water is even remotely potable.
Be careful out there. It's gonna be rough for the remainder of the year.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Airwheels of fire!

Hey Tom!

In regards to your post back in may about the Airwheel.

Does this video look like the Chinese are building less expensive version for the local market?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

- Blacks In Hoodies

Did I read this right? Are we saying that black behavior, manners, and dress matter and it's not just skin color? Or are we really saying that if your liberal credentials are established enough, nothing you say is racist, and if they aren't, everything you say is?

I await the uproar from the social justice warriors (who aren't the least bit hypocritical).

White Privilege is a sham. A farce. A despicable joke told in bad taste by cowards who lack the character to take responsibility for their own lives and their own behavior. I summarily reject the very principle. How blacks are treated (as a group) and how whites are treated (as a group) is based in my opinion, almost entirely on established patters of behavior. The black crime rate is astronomical compared to whites. THAT is what makes people nervous, and rightly so.

You want people to start treating you better? Try acting better. If you can't manage that, then you deserve what you get.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Road to Hell...

Where the road of socialism, corruption, and tyranny eventually leads:  Misery and starvation. Venezuela, a tropical country rich in oil is unable to feed itself.  From a link via Drudge:

Farmers and manufacturers who produce milk, pasta, oil, rice, sugar and flour have been told to supply between 30 per cent and 100 per cent of their products to the state stores. Shortages, rationing and queues outside supermarkets have become a way of life for Venezuelans, as their isolated country battles against rigid currency controls and a shortage of US dollars – making it difficult for Venezuelans to find imported goods.

 With the resources available, Venezuela should be a regional economic superpower.  Instead it is basket case, joining the ignoble list of 'formerly prosperous nations' like Zimbabwe (Rhodesia).

Venezuela's petro-power has reduced greatly over the past decade.  Nationalizing the oil industry has resulted in declining output and its largest market, the United States, may become an exporter the first time since WWII**.  Maduro would have great difficulty in exporting his oil elsewhere.  Venezuelan oil is 'heavy sour crude'. In the past, such viscous, poor quality crude was turned into asphalt, and therefore sold at a lower price than light sweet crude (which could be turned into everything from gas to lubricants).

Back in the 1990s, refineries along the Gulf Coast re-tooled to turn heavy crude, using improved technology into higher margin distillates (diesel, jet fuel, gasoline, etc.).  There really isn't any other country who can do that (currently) on a large scale.  The ONLY real market for Venezuelan heavy crude is the United States.  Every other nation would take the crude at a much lower price... if they took it at all.  If the powers-that-be decided to put the screws to Maduro, we would simply ban the importation of oil from Venezuela.  Maduro's regime would be in far deeper trouble than it is now.

However, I suspect that if Maduro was removed, the people of Venezuela will probably put into power some who is as bad or worse.  

** There is a lot more in the way of hydrocarbon resources that have barely been explored, let lone exploited.  The entire Eastern seaboard has been off limits for decades.  Hydrocarbons were discovered off the coast of NJ in the 1980s (price of natural gas was too low to make it economically viable at the time).  Plus, there is also a hydrocarbon bearing formation called the Newark basin which may contain recoverable amounts of gas and oil.  The formation sits under central and northern NJ.  

Using the latest technology, natural gas can be turned into gasoline, lubricants, jet fuel, and diesel.  Project to build such plants are on hold as there is now a glut world wide of oil.

Monday, July 20, 2015

- Hard To Tell It's A Spoof

This proposed "White Privilege" tax is a spoof, but these days it's really hard to tell. Now if it were a tax on just 'white men' and white women were exempt (a portion of the proceeds going toward some lip service about sexual harassment or something), then it would not only fool more people, but it would also probably sail through congress and become law.

Friday, July 17, 2015

- Monsters And Ghouls

By now you've heard of the despicable creatures at planned parenthood selling baby parts, and the two Islam motivated shooter who shot up two military bases where they killed several soldiers - all of whom were at the time disarmed by law.

To those portions of the devoted liberal coalition, I'd like to add this little treasure that you might have missed because if anyone in the major media covered it, their heads would explode:

There are about 10 things wrong with the culture that created that selfie. The selfie itself was one of them, the 201 "likes" is another.

It's enough to make a guy want to move to Saudi Arabia.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

- Greece "Frightened And Confused" by Goldman Deal

As I type, I'm sitting in the shadow of the Flatiron building drinking my Sunday coffee, and working on an Iphone game I'm developing with a few other guys. I needed a break from the mathematical focus, so I perused the web a bit and saw the story linked below from the Independent. It literally had me laughing out loud. Let me give you the money quote:

Greece managed to keep within the strict Maastricht rules for eurozone membership largely because of complex financial deals created by the investment bank which critics say disguised the extent of the country’s outstanding debts.

Goldman Sachs is said to have made as much as $500m from the transactions known as “swaps”. It denies that figure but declines to say what the correct one is.

Yes oh yes! Please tell us... what are these rare, confusing, and deeply deceptive financial instruments of which you speak?! It reminds me of nothing so much as the Caveman Lawyer from Saturday Night Live.

Having played a personal part in the identical deal for Argentina when I was at JPMorgan in the 90's, I can tell you exactly what the order of events was:

1. The Greek Leadership says "We'll never be able to get past Maastricht unless we can clean up our books. Let's get some geniuses in here to tell us how we can wiggle around the rules. Someone get the Goldman boys on the phone."

2. Goldman Bankers show up and say, "Why yes, there is a way we can make this look much better by shifting your liabilities off balance sheet, but let us be perfectly clear. This will change the appearance of things but it won't change the substance. You'll still have the same burdens and need to make the same corrections in your fiscal course.

But on the plus side, you'll have a free trade treaty with the rest of Europe to help your economy, so it might be a tad easier."

3. At hearing that, the Greek leadership wipes their mutual saliva off the table, offer to have their sisters perform fellatio on the Goldman Bankers, and the moment they are able to suppress their giggling, happily agree to pay Goldman a measly 500 million for their trouble in structuring the deal. It would surprise me not at all to learn that Goldman actually cut their fee, in the hope that it would lead to more business with the Greeks later on.

Back to present day, the independent has an 11 year old reporting on this story, and that 11 year old assumes that the world is just as financially illiterate as he/she is. So when this strange word 'swaps' appears as part of the story, they cast their finger at Goldman (the jews) who, because of their success, are a sort of "Lex Luthor" like permanent target of resentment, and declare AHA! We found the problem with the great social utopian dream. It has nothing at all to do with the hair brained idiotic financial management of the Greek officials, or the childish 'every day is a vacation day' model for the Greek economy. It was Goldman Sachs! (along no doubt, with the queen, The Getty's and Colonel Sanders before he went "tits up").

What a glorious world leftists live in. And how hysterically funny it is to see them describe it.

Friday, July 10, 2015

- Don't Bother Voting

When the government no longer enforces the laws, and new laws arrive not to ensure justice but to punish people with unpopular political opinions, you're dealing with an empty husk. Ours trajectory as a nation, or for that matter as a civil society, is as unsustainable as the Greeks. And though one political party may bring us to the cliffside slower than the other, no one is ever going to be able to do the things necessary to put things back on track.

Most voters polled today think that Jeb Bush will be the Republican candidate. I will cut off my hand before I use it to pull the lever for Jeb Bush. Not so much because of his ideas, or because I despise the man with a nearly leftist passion. In truth I barely know his views because I never cared enough to find them out. I won't vote for Jeb because of what he represents - the corruption of the American system of government into dynastic-ism.

Is there a difference between Jeb and Hillary queen of the Ozarks? Maybe. But given how little obligation our ruling class feels to act in the interest of the nation rather than themselves, does it much matter? I'd say no. As a member of the officially designated oppressor class, I will bear the burden for seeing things burn as much as anyone. And I say let it burn anyway. To vote is to preserve the illusion of individual empowerment and a government for the people, instead of the other way around.

And I have no time for illusions.


If you're thinking about Trump seriously, let me add this.

Back when I was at JPMorgan (when the earth was still cooling) I met him at a party. The girl I was with was prettier than the girl he was with, and her reaction to having a "Famous Billionaire" in the room left me feeling a little threatened, so I was a complete dick to him. I spent a fair amount of time proving to him and the other people in the conversation, that I was smarter than he was and that I knew more about the markets than he did. This was not challenging. I was such an asshole about it that I even made fun of his hair. And to his personal credit, he was a complete gentleman about it. He was gracious, maybe not friendly, but not at all off putting, and he didn't punch me in the face, which is what I would have done to someone who was that big a dick to me.

With all that said, he's a buffoon. His brain (such as it is) tends to go one way while his mouth goes another. He isn't as economically illiterate as Obama, but he won't have the entire staff of every mass media outfit but Fox running interference for him like Obama has. Recent experience has indicated to me that you don't have to be that smart or knowledgeable to run the country. But I think you need to be more on your game than Trump can manage. And in the end I think he might only be riding along with the wave this far because he's imagining scores of high schools across America with his name on the front.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

- Journalists Are Scum

Journalists (as a group) are scum. I've said so many times. Though I have on occasion made notable exceptions. The Derb has described himself as a journalist, but I know few men whom I like and admire more. And I don't generally think my characterization applies to opinion journalists anyway since they don't insult the intelligence of their readers by pretending a lack of bias.

With all that said, I find it particularly admirable when a journalist (or anyone else) speaks to something in which they have some actual direct expertise. Since journalists don't generally know much, this is not an easy trick. But here you see Katherine Timpf doing that very thing.

I haven't actually met Kat (pictured above) because Kevin Williamson (correctly inferring the reason for my curiosity) out and out refused to introduce me to her. But I do know she's done stand up comedy, and that gives her all the street cred she needs for the piece linked above. I've always been very comfortable speaking in public, but I'd never go near a comedy stage, and I admire anyone with the cojones big enough to do so. That "clanging sound she makes when she walks" makes her piece above worth a peruse.

Monday, July 6, 2015

- It's The German's Turn To Lie

I admit it, I was wrong. I thought for sure the Greeks would vote yes, promise reform, not implement it, and the silly carnival ride of the European union would continue to spin. A liberal politician will always avoid facing the math of reality when a few lying words will do in it's place. But the Greeks voted no. And that means it's the German turn to lie.

Instead of the Greeks lying to the German taxpayer who is paying for their retirement, the Germans will have to do so. They'll be recognizable because they'll be the same lies the Greeks would have had to tell. "Real Reform", "real accountability", blah, blah, blah, followed up by a great big ... nothing. It either that, or watch the failed dreams of the unelected European Bureaucrats go up in smoke. Somehow, the EU needs to add 2 units of German productivity, to 1 unit of Greek productivity, and find a way to pay for 4 Greek public sector retirements.

Well, that's overstating it. In truth, they just have to convince the German public that 2+1 can equal 4, they don't have to actually achieve it. And in an age when Bruce Jenner is a woman, two men can be "married", and you can choose (and change) your race at will, a little bad math seems like a very small lie indeed.

%%%%%%%% 07/10/15 UPDATE %%%%%%%%%%

As predicted, a new set of German lies will now be forthcoming. Whatever the promises, no substantive reforms or changes in accountability will follow regardless of what is committed to by the parties involved. There is no reason they should when lies seem to do perfectly well.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

- Our Hero Commits a Thought Crime

“To learn who rules over you, find out whom you are not allowed to criticize.” — Voltaire

A "real man" doesn't feel the need to be rude. He doesn't threaten and he doesn't boast. He follows through on what he says. He has principles, and honor. His word is his bond. And he doesn't ever knuckle under to bullies.

So let's talk about "Gay Marriage", which if you feel the way I do about it, you most certainly are not allowed to do. And the reason you aren't, is because it's a movement dominated by, and populated by, bullies.

First, if one of my homosexual friends decided to get married, I'd probably attend. I'd be polite. I congratulate all parties involved. I'd bring a gift that cost more than the per person price of the event. Those are the rules I learned for attending celebrations. When speaking of my friend in the third person, I'd refer to their partner as his husband if it were a man, or wife if it were a woman. That's just a matter of courtesy.

But I would not 'think' of them as married because by the classic definitions of western culture, they are not. They may or may not be in a committed relationship. The same could be true of the heterosexual couples I know, but that's a private issue for all parties involved, both gay and straight. That isn't the issue. What they have may involve adopting children. That's not the issue either. What the core issue is for me is that marriage, is a staple of western culture that defines the core of what I think of as family. The role that it plays in society can not be supplanted by a homosexual couple.

Beyond that, there is a reason I said I'd 'probably' attend. If the ceremony would be held in a venue or with the participation of anyone that is being coerced into participation by government force, then I will not attend. And that IS the point. That is the entire point of the gay marriage debate. I don't believe the propagandists that have been so successful in the gay marriage debate really want to expand marriage to include more people. What they want to do is to co-opt what Americans think of as 'normal'. They want to use this 'new normal' as a wedge to force the government mandated destruction of the foundations of western culture. I'll always be polite to individuals, but I will not participate in the that destruction.

Next on the list (arguably already on the list) for them is polygamy. Eventually, it will be the destruction of the concept of 'parenthood'. At that point, the destruction that the cultural marxists have so yearned for (of which the gay lobby is just the most effective part) will finally have arrived. And I think we're past the point where we can take their denials on that kind of thing seriously. They'll continue to lie about their goals, while doing all they can to obliterate the foundations of our society and replace them with government force.

So gay couples, may be together, they may be monogamous. But in my mind, the last domain of rapidly vanishing freedom for an American, they will never be 'married'. I will never think of them as married any more than I do a heterosexual couple who are just living together. And so long as I'm free to think what I like, they never will be.

They've demonstrated themselves as bullies, so I feel it's my responsibility to say how I feel publicly. And that's because I'm a man... and men don't knuckle under to bullies.

Friday, July 3, 2015

-losing the right to be left alone and what may be coming

Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the law as it is written is really not what it says. Justice swings on a pendulum influenced by belief. If you close your eyes and convince yourself that a law means something else, then, well you are correct, at least based on the precedent established by the Roberts court. The UnAffordable Healthcare Scam was also processed by the court into similar ersatz.
Stare Decisis is an uncompromising mistress. As America drifts away from its sensibilities, we will probably see more liberal initiatives using the decision of these cases to foster everything from reparations for slavery to stripping ecclesiastical universities and institutions of their right to hold their beliefs sacred.
There is another side of the pendulum that proponents of 2A reciprocity have floated. Marriage is more of a choice than a right, however the right to defend oneself from harm via concealed-carry is not debatable in a majority of states.
Based on these decisions, it is hard to challenge the assertion that a constitutional  right should not enjoy unfettered access by all men, women and those in between.

I work with many people from Latin America, non-citizens, but law-abiding. They left their homelands to find opportunity and to escape the mire of leftist-political constructs gone haywire.
Given the opportunity to vote they would still lean liberal. It may be a surprise to most, the Latin Americans were overwhelmingly against the gay marriage decision, with a few stating that they understood that religion would now be compromised.
The future will probably morph towards the kind of governments America that resemble shadows of failed Latin American socialism. With technology in place, it will resemble the society that Huxley, Orwell and Levin warned about.

The first substantial right we are losing is the right to be left alone. Freedom of choice is now the Right to Choose, but god forbid you choose what the populist government considers the correct choice.
The gay marriage debate is tired and really has nothing to do with government or marriage, but now the two are fused. In the past, although not a practicing Catholic, I argued against gay marriage proponents on the basis of religious and personal freedom. To these monsters, religion is nothing more but a thinly veiled institutionalized bigotry. Arguing against someone that calls you a bigot at every turn is not a debate, it is a cowards attempt to pick a fight that will get your arrested in the process of defending that right. That is the tactic of the left. They will slander and defame you and if you demonstrate old fashioned testosterone fueled settlement, you will appear in front of one of their judges.
I do feel a fight brewing, which probably means the hardcore left are going to run out of targets and begin to eat themselves. I'd probably let the rainbow confetti settle before pulling up a cooler of beer to watch the spectacle.
As Kevin Williamson titled his book: the end is near  and it's going to be awesome.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

- Coping With Social Justice Warriors

Social Justice is an oxymoron. The right way to cope with all the loud vocal anger of the permanently outraged class of Americans is to treat them like the overly sensitive children they are. They don't like something, throw it in their face.

Reality is not optional. SJW's are spectacularly illiterate when it comes to history. So the very fact that something outrages them can be taken as testimony that the issue is only being half told. Unless we all want to end up as illiterate as they are and in effect, becomes their slaves with regard to culture, we need to find the strength to tell them all to go fuck themselves. Unless we do, we are spoiling our children. We are ruining them as much as we are ruining ourselves.

America (even Obama's America) is not the terrible place they believe it is. Thanks to all the collective guilt we've allowed the permanently outraged class to foist on us, it isn't as great a place as it used to be. But it's still the best game in town. You want to return to individual responsibility? Start thinking like an individual.

I've never been a huge fan of the stars and bars, and I'm still not - truth be told. But I'm embracing it now exclusively because the Social Justice Warriors don't want me to. I won't have my conscience dictated to me by these imbeciles. And if they want to get a protest together and kick down my door, let them come.

I'm an American man. And if they have any brains (a dubious assertion I confess) then they're a lot more afraid of me than I am of them.