Tuesday, September 29, 2015

- Who Will Inherit Trump's Supporters?

When Trump goes away, and he will. I think it's Carly Fiorina of all people, who will pick up the bulk of his support.

Based on my theory that the Presidency is just the latest yacht that Donald Trump wants to water ski behind, eventually he's gonna get bored. It's not interesting being in government, even at the highest levels. Sure you (theoretically) can declare war on people and you get the ICBM launch codes, that's cool for a bit I suppose. But to a guy like Donald Trump, the business of government will look like unending tedium. Wrangling the small minds and big ego's of Washington's elite is a trial for the most officious, even an empty suit like Obama who has absolutely no other skills has complained about it. And then there is that whole thing of being called 'a servant'. You know that won't sit well with Donnie's gold lame lifestyle.

Bodyguards? Your own jet? Cavorting with movie stars whenever you want? Trump has all that now. No. In the end, I really believe he'll leave the race because he's bored with all the ass-kissing he has to do in order to actually win. He won't even enjoy pretending to worry about anyone but himself for that much longer.

And his supporters all have one thing in common. They want to see someone act like a 'man' in Washington. They're sick of the pandering to far left social justice dogma, and the way even the hard right of elected officials genuflect to the immigration lobby. (That really all happens because those illegals turned voters are seen as the saviors of our falling fertility rate and the need to preserve the Social Security fantasy a few more years - but that's another topic.) In short, they want Washington to "man up", on a man's terms. And Trump is the only one who really prepared to do that. They (and their advocates in the man-osphere) want our 'men' in Washington to stop acting like sobbing little girls and to end (or at least slow) the continued feminization of our society.

Which probably makes you think Carly is an odd choice for the person who will get the bulk of his support. But here's the thing about the war of the sexes. Reproduction takes into account one man, and one woman. So unlike the other social justice 'victims' of the white male patriarchy, there really is a dichotomy here. with regard to reproduction and Sex, there is a finite set of decisions where they authority is split, however unequally at a particular moment in time, between men and women. A black man can get as rich as he wants and it takes absolutely nothing away from a white man, and the inverse is equally as true. But for women to have more control over reproductive decision making, is to directly take that decision making away from men.

The worst and most graphically perverse and disgusting members of the feminist left argue nonsensical positions about the nature of human life, all for the purposes of increasing that "female only" control over reproductive decision making. That's their schtick. They don't argue it that way, but that is the argument - explained here by a man, to a mostly male audience. I could toss out any straw man about keeping men chained unconscious in some hospital basement on life support in order to facilitate the production of sperm, and there will be a number of feminists who actually think that sounds like a big improvement over today's society. Of all the political partisans involved in modern American politics, they are the most extreme, most perverse, most self deluding, and most willing to burn it all down in order to eek out a little more control for themselves.

And they utterly despise Carly Fiorina.

While Trump may be the man who most acts like the Man-osphere thinks all men should act, the person who comes next closest to fulfilling the Man-osphere's view of how American culture should look is Carly. Bush and Rubio look like cowed pansies to them. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are viewed as too political to be trustworthy. Ben Carson has something to be said for him, but the man-osphere has a big issue with the way that black partisanship has held white men accountable for problems created by and for black America, so I think that argues against him. I personally believe in a colorblind view of the world, but most people, both black and white, do not. And where politics is concerned they may be closer to correct at predicting Carson's true motives than I am.

but Carly is whip smart, speaks well, and to the man-osphere, represents the fulfillment of that old adage, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Ask Trumps most devoted supporters who their opposite number is on the political left, and you'll hear 'the feminists' much more than 'the blacks'. Those self same feminists hate Carly's pro-life position, which she argues not as 'part of the sisterhood' but from a position of morality and cold rational belief in the science of the western world.

You want to understand the nature of Trump supporters, read Chateau Heartiste - a website that 'The Derb' long ago turned me on to. They will happily spell out in a male centric way, exactly who their political and cultural enemy is. And apart from Trump, the person their enemy hates most in this race, is Carly.

The man-osphere is a reaction to the feminist movement. It's the men in America who most see their reproductive choices and political power being consumed by an ever leftward march of a society driven almost exclusively by feminine centric thinking, morality, politics and jurisprudence. And they're prepared to fight it any way they can - even by voting for a woman who more closely matches their worldview of what a woman should be.

That's my bet. Let's see what happens when 'The Donald" finally gets bored with all this.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

- It's Not Over, Till It's Over...

Baseball legend (and Montclair Resident) Yogi Berra, dead at age 90. Though he mangled the language, he did it with such grace and good cheer that it was hard not to like him for it. May we all be remembered so fondly.

He was enormously talented in his chosen field, and a genuine American character. But if there is a lesson for the rest of us to take from his life I think it should be that a warm smile, good manners, and an aversion to politics, will see you forgiven of a multitude verbal mis-steps.

Monday, September 14, 2015

- An Epiphany On The War Of The Sexes

Today is an epiphany day. I have them every once in a while. But the thing about really big, really creative, but none the less true ideas is, most people don't know what the hell you're talking about. I can see how that will likely be the case for this one, but I'm going to tell you all none the less.

Since my divorce, I've thought about the nature of male-female relations quite a bit. I've struggled to find the core truth that underlies the seeming dichotomy between what men want and what women want. In the meantime it's also been 15 years since I was a member of the dating pool, and things have changed so much in that time as to make the social scene of New York City all but unrecognizable to me.

These days, women under 30 (or 32, or 38 depending upon their lack of maturity) want a sexual plaything - a bad boy they can use and be used by, nothing more. To them, stable is boring. And young women will put up with anything but boredom. In the meantime, women over 30 (or 38, or 45 depending on their lack of maturity) want a marriage proposal on the first date from a man wealthy enough to leave them with good prospects after the inevitable divorce. That's the moment when they will leave him but keep his money, and go back to screwing bad boys. That may be overstating it a little, but far less I expect than you would imagine. And they all know instinctively, that they can never get both of those things by being honest with themselves or anyone else, about what they really want.

Men have (of course) responded to this female tactic by selecting one role or the other - never both. And it's much easier to treat women badly than it is to get rich. So the whole city is filled to the brim with men treating women badly, and women actually loving them for it. So the bad boys become even worse boys in order to outdo all the poseurs. Ironically this is a behavior which causes women to be more extreme in their views, not less. And they utterly lack the self awareness to see their complicity in the dynamic.

For any man who strives for intimacy and a real emotional connection with the women he has in his life, this is a major problem. And in a city this size, it's easy to convince yourself that there must be some woman out there who is at the tail end of these distributions, and is somehow capable of something more. But here's the epiphany I had today. The catch all and be all truth that has since time immemorial been the guiding principle behind who wins and who loses in the war of the sexes. Scratch it down because like most fundamental human truths, it will come back to haunt your life whether you like it or not.

The person who deceives themselves the most about the nature of the other, loses.

If that makes no sense to you, try reading "The Rational Male", by Rollo Tomassi. That might not explain it fully for you, but it will put you on the road to an understanding.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

- An Obama For The Right

What did Obama have that made him such a great candidate for the liberal left? He was tall, thin, mixed race, an academic, and spoke the language of effete condescension that the left so loves in its leaders. He was the perfect candidate for the ‘know nothing’ left. Blacks would line up behind him on the basis of his race, and leftists whites, guilt ridden about their own embedded racism, would do the same. As Jonah Goldberg would say he was ‘Jonny Bravo’ for the new left, making a 70’s Brady Bunch reference. He was a good looking, good sounding guy, but most importantly he fit the suit of 21st century American identity politics. He was an empty resume, with good looking image handlers.

Because I personally have always been a little too fixated on substance over style, I called him America’s first woman President. To me, his decision making seemed overtly female. Fear guided him more than anything else, just like it does for most women. He showed none of the strong arm bravado or measured risk taking that defines the real difference between male thinking and female. He was in essence, an Omega man. One of the men of modern America who thinks the fastest route to gain acceptance among women (and therefore surreptitious breeding rights) is to forego competition with other men in any male centric way, and to act exactly like a woman. Bruce Jenner may look more like a woman on the outside, but on the inside, he can’t hold a candle to the decision making model of Barack Hussein Obama.

And taking a cue from our leadership, modern America has kept pace with that. These days there is no inherently male personality characteristic that isn’t an object of shame and copious female derision in popular culture. We literally medicate it out of our male children. We’re so saturated with its moral definitions and surrounded by its societal priorities at every turn, that it’s difficult for most men to see. This is why the manosphere has called it “The Matrix”, and refer to themselves as ‘red pill men’. Under the name of Feminism, It’s all but become illegal in America, to act and to think like a man. And it would go much, much further still if the left has its way.

Enter a brash, self absorbed celebrity Billionaire from New York named Donald Trump. I don’t think very highly of the man’s mind, but to give him his due, he’s a man. No doubt about it. He screws supermodels, apologizes to no one, and has succeeded by hook or crook, in a competitive (read that as male competitive) market. And this I think is the key to his popularity. Reagan was a man too, and has leftist derision to prove it. But he was a man from another time. In his day a man reacted to a different breed of woman. If the 40’s and 50’s were dominated by bare breasted slut walks, social justice, and treating polite compliments on the street as ‘sexual harassment’, Reagan might have ended up sounding a lot more like Trump.

It goes further than that though. In truth, the feminization of American culture has only been so successful by turning most of maleness in on itself and teaching the host to attack the body just like the virus. Bit by bit, just as the left has always done, concepts that in the past were an important part of maleness were made to serve a female worldview. Responsibility, strength, even good manners, have all been co-opted by the virus of feminism, so that at this point in America there are very few people left who think and act like men. Only the most offensive, most self absorbed men actually behave truly male anymore, which just means that in Trump they can clearly see themselves.

Reagan in his day was seen as the tough but gentle father who took care when dealing with his children, and offered his strength and his character to America. Donald Trump is just the bad boy boyfriend catering only to himself and the vanity and hypergamy of modern America, so he can screw it leave it to carry it's high heels home on collective it's bare feet. When all of America looks just like Bruce Jenner, all the presidential candidates will look just like Trump.

But that isn’t the only difference. Unlike Reagan, Trump doesn’t understand markets, international affairs, or really any serious policy matter. Thinking isn't important for 'men' in America anymore. He’s as self-absorbed as the rest of know nothing America, he just has a Billion dollar bankbook to be that way with. For him the presidency is the latest Yacht he wants to waterski behind, because to man who can literally afford anything, it’s new and fun, and would end with thousands of middle schools and aircraft carriers with his name on them; something he already enjoys. In fact, in that way, he’s much more like Obama than Reagan. For the conservative right, so choked to death on feminized political correctness and the nonsensical demands of the social justice left, he feels like a breath of fresh air. But in truth, his only qualification is that instead of fitting the dress like Obama mentally did, he actually does ‘fit the suit’.

Trump, like Obama, is a symptom of our decay, not the cause. His appeal is not a problem with him, it’s a problem with us. As always, we’re getting the candidates, and inevitably the government, we deserve. And so far it looks like the best we can hope for is a wanna be totalitarian socialist from Vermont, or a blow hard reality TV star from New York. Neither is a good choice. Neither will ‘right the nation’ and get it back on track. And neither will return America to its former place in the world. That hasn’t really been an option for some time I think. It’s just a question of letting the cancer of socialism consume us, or taking a faster and somewhat less painful ‘man’s way out’.

Both bad choices for a nation that no longer deserves more.

- Now THAT's Concealed Carry

Waco police pulled a loaded handgun from a woman’s vagina late Monday evening after a traffic stop led to a drug bust, officials said.

Though I do imagine it's a little tough to get to when you really need it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

- Hating "Hedge Fund Guys"

Today in the National Review Corner, Ramesh Ponnuru (who I never bother to read) points directly to a Forbes piece by Ryan Ellis on the abject stupidity of taxing "carried interest" as ordinary income. Ellis oversimplifies the problem slightly, but his analysis is correct as far as it goes.

But the question that popped into my mind was, how in the world did 'Hedge Fund Guys" become such popular villains? They're so reliable a bogeyman that even Billionaire Donal Trump takes a whack at them. I confess that as a member of one of the the more elite portions of that already elite club, I've always taken the whole thing rather personally. But the question stands. What have "Hedge Fund Guys" done to incur this hatred?

Personally I don't get it at all. I've met a few guys over the last 2 decades that I didn't particularly like. But not one of them was the 'wolf of wall street' reprehensible soul less types that occasionally populate the less intellectual portions of the financial arena. The expression we all live by in the hedge fund world is "we only eat what we kill." But even then, our investors eat most of it. We may charge top dollar for a premium service, but I never got paid a penny if I didn't make money for an investor. That's the whole point of the job right? To make money for the people who give you their money to invest?

Personally, I think it's little more than an attack on competence. It's more of the "win by losing" black is white, upside down world of progressive politics, where winning is a sign of cheating, and victimhood is the only unassailable virtue. Hedge fund guys win by winning. By making money for the people that invest with them. So according to all those people who don't understand the nature of an information advantage, or lack the same intellectual capacity that a room full of geniuses focused exclusively on solving a single problem 90 hours a week do, they assume that cheating must be involved.

Being smarter than most people is a real advantage, and I don't mean to downplay it. But you have to admit, in this case it also comes with real downsides.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Trump popular with Black America? Maybe...

As a follow-up to my post about Trump picking up black votes:


A SurveyUSA poll released Friday shows in a hypothetical matchup with Hillary Clinton, Trump is ahead 45% to 40%.
But digging into the racial breakdown of the respondents is revealing. For example, the poll finds 25% of black respondents say they would vote for Trump over Clinton.

This is all about immigration, as the human waves over the Mexican border are ethnically cleansing blacks out of their neighborhoods; in addition to competing with them for jobs.

We live in interesting times...