Wednesday, May 25, 2016

- Breaking: Katy Couric Is A Propagandist

I almost didn't say anything about this because it hardly passes as news to me, but Katy Couric has produced and Anti-gun piece of propaganda disguised as a non-partisan documentary about gun culture. Shocking I know. The story itself though is almost as egregious as what NBC news did to George Zimmerman, when they edited the 911 call to make it sound like he was attacking Trayvon.

The Story is here. Watch the video taken from the Documentary as produced, and then listen to the unedited audio below it. What you'll hear is a lucid discussion of prior restraint, and some other thoughtful commentary from America's gun owners. But Katy couldn't show it that way. Instead she edited the video to make it seem like no one had any answers.

Journalists. They are all undiluted scum.

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