Thursday, June 30, 2016

- Found "NEAR" A Mosque

A German Swat Team found a cache of weapons "NEAR" a Mosque. That's Liberal News Speak for "In the Mosque Basement" or maybe it's "in the building adjacent and connected to" a mosque. but I'm sure it had nothing to do with the Mosque itself.

In the photo you'll see a number of fully automatic AK variants (which are all but totally illegal for civilians here in America) and several hand held recoil-less weapons. I'm not up on my mid-weight armament identification, but they look to me like a variant of the disposable RPG-27 anti-tank weapon. Tell me... do you need a background check to buy those under current law? What about if you get them at a gun show? Maybe I had better call the NYTimes editorial department and ask them.

Germany has extremely tight restrictions of civilian firearms. Much more than we do here. I don't know for certain, but cold war era anti-tank weapons are probably off limits too. And in case you don't know, just because they call it an anti-tank weapon doesn't mean it only shoots at tanks. It will shoot at schools, or ambulances, or police cars, parliamentary buildings just as effectively as an armored vehicle. And yet, no doubt with the help of the hundreds of thousands of young Muslim "refugees" that Germany has imported, they have arrived in Germany for civilian use all the same.

I'm pretty sure the NRA is opposed to those things being handed out willy nilly. So here I am. Honest, loyal, perfectly law abiding citizen who is interested only in protecting himself and others, but I need to leave my legally purchased firearms in a safe outside the city, and Muhammad Al-Kaboom (to rip one off from Kevin Williamson) can have anti-tank weapons. How's that work?

The position of the Democratic party on Muslim immigration is suicide.


chess said...

Agree totally. I think once you move past the first several hundred weapons you leave the cache and head into he armory definition.. i must have missed the Muslim gun drive where you can turn in your anti-tank weapons for a new Quran....I did not realize that you were separated from your weapons.. Are you in some sort of disarmament agreement with the bad guys???

I have not looked at one of these rants in yrs but this sums it up..

Muzzlethemuz said...

That photo is unreal. Looks like an IDF bust outta Gaza. Well, I'm sorry to have to say that those weapons likely have Hajis assigned to each one of them. We will not see any substantive change in the posture of the EU/Western pansy coalition vis-à-vis Islam until the muzzies rampage in platoon/company strength across the straßen of Der Deutschland machine gunning everyone in sight. It will take several more Bataclans, Orlando's, et al. to smack the collective consciousness out of its self-absorbed stupor. On the other hand a full-on frontal assault against the German police or military might cause rightest elements within those forces to rebel against the panty-clad Euro elite. John Kerry would be upset but... John Kerry can go to Hell right along with his boss.