Monday, June 27, 2016

- Game Of Nations

I had too much wine at dinner last night, so my thoughts are all jumbled this morning. I seem to be getting my contemporary politics confused with the Game of Thrones finale.

The way I remember it, Hillary used dragonfire to blow up Bernie Sanders and his unwashed barefoot brethren, taking out a few normal Democrats in the process. Donald Trump locked up his nomination as ‘king in the north’ and his the convention is about to be surrounded by a bunch of unthinking zombies from the other side of the wall. Meanwhile, a huge foreign army of unwashed savages is crossing the ocean all at once to try to start a war, and every eunuch and dwarf in Westeros is already on their side.

There are precious few whole men left in Westeros, only monstrous creatures with male appendages. Since the 'pride' parade took up much of the day yesterday, there were precious few in Manhattan either. And I don't know why I seem to recall Hillary chaining up Monica Lewinsky in the basement of the Whitehouse (blue dress and all) so she can be used and defiled by the creature that used to be Bill Clinton. He may not be what he used to be, but that part of him still seems to work just fine.

On the republican side, after spending the entire Obama administration ignoring the real fight of the left, the knights of National Review have refused to work with the wildlings of the Alt-right, because they believe them to be savages. Maybe some little girl can talk some sense into them, but I can’t see ‘Littlefinger’ Rich Lowry ever being happy about it. And why do I recall Arya Stark doing violent things to George Will?

I don’t know where I got the idea that Angela Merkel was making a deal with the foreign Army to help them overthrow the West, or why I keep hearing the phrase “K├Ânigin der Dornen“ in my head. I don’t even speak German. In fact, for the two stories to become one, all that’s really left is for the sand snakes to decide that their best defense is a sword ban for the general public, and for them to be subsequently raped en masse by Dothrakis at the community pool in the Watergarden.

That was obviously far too much wine for a school night.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

At some point, when GoT comes available on demand via Amazon or Netflix, I will have to watch it just to get all the references that are made these days to the show. I have noticed there are numerous references in Alt-Right leaning articles.

I am one of those troglodytes that never bother to get cable TV. Only recently I started watching The Sopranos. Sometimes it takes me a while to catch up..

Tom said...

I despised the books (which I listened to on the long commute between Monmouth county and Greenwich), but the TV show is a bit better.

Tom said...

I found the following on the website of one of the custom milling sites that specialize in Glocks:

"RMR cut cannot be done of the GLOCK 30S, 36, or 42."

So I might have to go all the way up to a 30SF to get what I'm looking for. Problems... problems.