Thursday, June 2, 2016

- Gun Contol: Finally Solved!!!!!

I’ve got it. I’ve finally arrived at the answer for ‘common sense gun control’. The answer should have been obvious all along. The chart above makes it all perfectly clear. What we need to do is to make sour cream illegal.

Yes, you heard me right, we need to declare ‘sour cream’, common ingredient to dips and sauces everywhere, illegal, in order to prevent gun violence. As you can clearly see from the chart above, there is a clear link between Sour Cream consumption and deaths from legal intervention of a Firearm. The exact cause of this relationship is still unclear. But I suspect it’s because of the sour cream’s ‘white privilege’. But one thing is for certain, if we eliminate the sour cream, we can possibly eliminate up to 320 deaths per year from firearms.

This is all silly of course. But no sillier than any of the other ‘common sense gun reforms’ posed by liberals. What the endlessly propose is that we eliminate the consequences of criminal acts, by passing a new law that no criminal will adhere to. We punish the innocent in the hope that it will affect the guilty.

In fact their idea is worse than that. The worst consequence of my proposal won’t do much except make potato chips a bit more boring. But liberals want to punish the most law abiding, most responsible among us, in the hope that it will somehow change the behavior of the least responsible and law abiding.

My chart, which shows a ‘statistic’ at least as useful as the kind of ridiculous nonsense that comes from the gun ban crowd, but actually comes from a website called spurious correlations, and a guy named Tyler Vigen. It’s nonsense which is supposed to be entertaining because it’s so nonsensical. But in fact it makes a pretty good point about how ‘statistics’ can be twisted to show anything you want. In order to really get at the causes of things, you need to understand the logic of how the data was looked at.

The principles of publicly arming responsible people to limit the actions of criminals is based on the principle of incentives, and that in turn is the basis for virtually all social science. If you believe you can put your hand through a hole in the wall and come back with a $100 bill, your incentive is to do so. If you think you’ll pull back nothing a bloody stump, your incentive is not to do so. Really pretty straightforward.

But the gun ban crowd’s logic of incrementally adding restrictions on the second amendment, doesn’t actually have any such incentive because criminals are already ignoring one law, and will likely ignore the new ones as well. In fact the entire argument of gun restrictionists seems to make things worse until you get to the point where you have not only eliminated the right to keep and bear arms entirely, but have also gone out and confiscated the roughly 300 million firearms that are already out there. And since you will still be able to 3D print yourself a working firearm, you’ll have to go even further than that. This is why gun owners find it dubious that gun control folks claim to respect the second amendment. It’s painfully obvious that it won’t actually help.

It will however make gun controllers feel better. Which is probably the thing they’re really after. And if things have to get much worse for everyone so that they can feel better, as far as they're all concerned that’s a small price to pay.

Personally, I think we’d all be better off banning sour cream.

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Muzzlethemuz said...

I was still working LE when the Obama-influenced ammo hoarding thing was going on so the USG was literally giving me boxes of 9, .40 and 5.56 to play around with when the shelves at Walmart were empty. I'm going to start hoarding myself now. January is still a long ways off and my guess is I can pick up just about anything I could ever shoot between now and then. Last week was a tough one for the Donald and honestly, he really did come off in the speeches I heard as a blazing idiot. Even if Hilly gets yanked I think the Dems and a lot of undecided would jump at the chance to put Biden in over Clinton and Trump. Get it while you can.