Thursday, June 23, 2016

- A Gun in 15 Minutes or Less

As we all know, to Journalists everything that goes bang is a super deadly assault weapon specifically designed for the express purpose of murdering innocent children during nap time. (What... yours didn't come with the 'nap time' adapter to make it extra deadly?) When I was a NJ resident I was able to buy an AR15, but the permit process took about 100 days. The process in NYC is even more onerous. I can't have an AR15 here at all, and even if I want to buy a shotgun (even one which is specifically designed for my perfectly innocuous hobby of shooting orange clay disks) the process is so prohibitive that I've had to hire a lawyer to get me through it, and he tells me to expect it to take a minimum of 6 months.

To those terrified of guns, this is a good thing. To those of us who are less historically illiterate, it seems a travesty. But the law is the law, and the fact that I care about the law is really the whole point.

Still, I found this just hysterical:

Following the release of a video by CBS claiming that a reporter purchased an AR-15 assault rifle in only 15 minutes, Twitter users created a new meme to ridicule the liberally biased video. The video became extremely popular among liberal media publications who quickly jumped on the story and aggregated it across multiple websites, repeating the standard leftist rhetoric in relation to gun control. Social media users, however, found the story hilarious and began tweeting their own versions.

The pics and twitter links are a riot, and are an accurate reflection of the 'facts' known by 99% of our deeply knowledgeable journalism grads. Thank god we have such a clear thinking cadre of courageous newshounds. Where would we be without their telling insights and carefully gathered facts?


chess said...

Excellent!!! Luke I am your father.......

Muzzlethemuz said...

Where would we be without their telling insights and carefully gathered facts?

Well, if Hillary wins we'll be up shit creek.

I'll tell you this, if they come for my guns I will not be staging a sit-in, screeching on the floor of the Congress. Hardly.