Wednesday, June 1, 2016

- Liberalism Is An Insecure Woman

This is fun. the NYTimes published a pro-gun rights editorial that was brief, but used statistics, mentioned incentives, and was generally made up of sound logic. It argues for allowing gun permit holder to carry on college campuses. Bravo NYTimes. Like the guy on the cart at the beginning of that Monty Python movie, I guess you aren't quite dead yet. My favorite from the piece is his mention that concealed carry holders actually have a lower crime rate than policemen, but you probably knew that.

But the comments section is hysterical. Yes, there is the standard unsupported allegations so typical of liberals and guns. There are the 'statistics' mentioned but incited like in this quote from an idiot named Donna Tuner in the Netherlands:

More guns, more violence. Statistics prove it and anyone contending otherwise either has their head in the sand or is just an outright liar.

And the emotionally driven but otherwise illogical assertions like this one from Jeffrey Waingrow in Sheffield MA:

Mr. Lund, you want your own college kid sitting in a classroom with twenty or thirty other students packing heat? Have you lost your mind?

And there is the typical leftist mention of mythology over fact like this bit of idiocy from Elise in "Northern California":

Florida has revoked permits for firearm misuse at an annual rate of 0.0003%, per Mr. Lund. Oh my, Florida. That would be the state where George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin for walking with Skittles and then, after he was released, was allowed to get his gun back and then sell it on ebay for $100K. No one in their right mind thinks Florida is sane.

But my favorite is the magical thinking. The thing that all the liberal commenters have in common is that there are no 'facts' they disagree with, just opinions that are sponsored by those eternal villains and enemy of free people, the NRA.

They consistently believe that more 'advocacy research' would solve the problem, and when the advocacy research is prevented (actually... all you have to do is not go out of your way with public finds to provide it), it's evidence of more evil. They accuse everyone who has ever looked at data and come to conclusions they don't like of being evil, or a liar, or in the pocket of some power mad group after profits, or all of the above. They are the eternal 'good guy' fighting the forces of evil. To them, there is quite literally no such thing as someone who is arguing in good faith and with the best intentions, for a position that they don't endorse.

It doesn't occur to them that if you're angry about something that someone else calls a fact, then the problem is you, not the fact. They assume of course that everyone is arguing with the same bad faith that they always do. And the more bad faith they're using, the angrier they get when you disagree with them.

More and more, partly because of the homogeneous nature of their 'feelings' over logic, I tend to think of all of liberalism as a single shrill,deeply insecure woman who is angry at not getting any, but is too ashamed to say so. All she knows is that she's unhappy, and will complain about whatever, just to make everyone else's life miserable. These liberal voices actually remind me of a girl I dated when I was about 20, just before I finally got around to dumping her.

In terms of solutions, I don't think there is really anything we can do. Women are irrational creatures, and you don't beat a dog for barking. But men, wherever possible, should be ridiculed, and shamed for their emotional political outbursts. If you can't be rational, you aren't being a man. Ask him if his vagina is bothering him. Tell him he might feel better if he worse a bigger bra size so it would stop pinching him. Make it clear to the liberal man in your life that' he's being a little girl, and he needs to man up and quit being such a pussy.

Don't get angry in response. Don't give him a beating (unless he makes one of those womanly attempts to give you one first). Just make sure he knows that by thinking like a woman, in today's fluid gender times, he is essentially becoming one. And you're going to begin treating him like one until he starts using his brain instead of his 'girly parts' for making decisions.


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