Wednesday, June 22, 2016

- An Open Letter To Opponents of "Gun Violence"

"An AR15 is not a weapon designed for 'killing people', it is a weapon designed for protecting people from being killed."

The police carry them. The Army carries them. And I would carry mine in many situations if the government would let me. Policemen are not blood thirst psychopaths, the Army are not blood thirsty psychopaths, and neither am I. And there are a great many people in America who are just like me.

There are blood thirsty psychopaths in the world, but I am not one of them. It would be a safer world if more people like me were armed and allowed to carry arms with them in their daily lives, anywhere in the country. If you want to keep guns away from people who would harm you for Allah, or for hatred of homosexuals, or psychopathy or anything else, that's fine. But I am not that person, so don't try to disarm me.

People like me are not fooled by your platitudes. Your real motives are obvious. You want all Americans disarmed because you're afraid of guns. You don't trust your own emotional judgement, or the good judgement of others. That's fine. I know I can't dissuade your fear so I won't try. But you need to recognize that not everyone who is a gun owner is inches from a killing spree. Stop insulting us by pretending that we are.

You say you only want to disarm the unstable, the fanatical, and the psychotic. Fine. We all know you're lying, but let's assume you're not. Then set some standards for national concealed carry. Make it a high bar. Make the fee's exorbitant, the required training excessive, and the qualifications difficult to achieve. Include psychological exams. Include live fire shooting tests. Include competition against police or soldiers, or anyone else you think is 'responsible' enough to carry a firearm. Set your bar as high as you like and make the process as unfair and demanding as you like. All these are things that I and the dreaded 'gun lobby' are willing to discuss.

But what I will not discuss is being lumped in with all the murderous fanatical Muslims, deranged social misfits, and drug dealing gang bangers who are actually committing crimes with a gun, just because I own one. I am not like them. We are not the same. Leave me the opportunity to prove that I am a better more responsible citizen than they are, and let me carry a firearm legally once I do, and I and the gun lobby will be perfectly happy to discuss more gun regulation.

But so long as you assume that all gun owners are the same as all others, there is nothing to discuss.

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