Monday, June 13, 2016

- The Orlando Shooter and Me

The Orlando shooter and I have much in common. He had an AR15 and a handgun. I have an AR15 and several handguns. I also have an AK47, a half dozen shotguns and several other rifles of explicitly military design – most dating back to WW2.

He bought his guns legally. I bought my guns legally. He bought hundreds of rounds of ammunition. I have more likely thousands of rounds (I haven’t taken the time to check) as well as a machine for making my own ammunition from legally available components. He has had hundreds of hours of training. I have hundreds of hours of training. He passed a background check, and various other more vigorous criminal and background checks for his professional licensing. I have done the same.

By the logic of the left where it's the gun that's the problem, if I had been there with my guns when the Orlando shooter decided to begin killing night club goers, even more than 50 people would have been found dead, and even more wounded. If the gun is the problem after all, then surely more guns would be more problem.

But this is incorrect. Unfortunately, we’ll never know for certain what the actual number would have been had someone like me been there with more guns and ammunition. I say unfortunately because unless I had been unlucky enough to be the first person killed, then there would have certainly been fewer victims than there were, because one of the very first people killed would have been the shooter himself. That wouldn't stop all the killings, but it would have stopped most of them. The people who were at risk in that 'gun free zone' would have been much safer with me (or someone like me) present and armed, than they were without me.

The reason is that though the Orlando shooter and I have many things in common, there are many differences too. And contrary to the beliefs of the left, those differences are far more important than the things we have in common. For instance, by all accounts available to me so far, he seemed to be a mildly unstable Muslim who despised homosexuality, while I am an mostly Alt-Right, libertarian Leaning Republican who couldn’t be less interested in anyone's sex life other than my own. The shooter was horrified by two men he saw kissing in public. I on the other hand call homosexuals among my oldest and most trusted friends.

But even more important that the major difference between our views on homosexuality, is our differing views on politics and religion. The shooter, if press reports can be believed, was closely aligned with ISIS who advocates using the violence advocated by their religion to effect political goals. Killing homosexuals (for their own good) is central to the teaching of Islam. And on this point, the Orlando shooter and I wildly disagree. I am a somewhat fallen Roman Catholic who believes that except as a moral guidepost, religion should be left out of politics all together. I respect the sanctity of all human life, and that goes for absolutely everyone. The left thinks that's irrelevant in the face of the fact that we both own guns.

I’m given some small comfort by the fact in spite of the best efforts of liberal journalists everywhere, this has not gone totally unnoticed by America’s gay community. My old friend Brian who is a gay man living in LA, texted me last night asking me what gun he should buy as his first for self-protection. For decades, Brian has always been anti-gun in pretty much the same way that I am anti-homosexuality. We’ve talked about guns now and then and though he has never had any interest in firearms, he has never seen disarming people like me as the path to safety that the New York Times editorial board does.

We’ve talked about kissing boys too, and though I have never had any interest in being a homosexual, I’ve never seen any reason to limit what other people do with their spare time, especially when it has so little effect on me. My personal feelings on homosexuality haven’t been changed at all (nor are the likely to be) but Brian’s view on guns has now been changed dramatically.

I told him via text that I had several useful suggestions but that we’d have to discuss it today. (The right tool for the right job etc.) I also plan on referring him to the pink pistols, an NRA associated group which promotes safe and legal firearms ownership and is specifically geared toward the gay community. (There is no branch currently in LA but I think that’s likely to change, and there are several in California.) The main reason I’ll do this is that if he’s going to be carrying a firearm, he’s going to need help and lots and lots of practice. But he’s a very intelligent and careful man. I’m quite certain he’ll see the wisdom of it.

I also plan to tell him that unless he’s prepared to break the law to defend himself (unlikely given his character but possible), he had better do like I plan to and hold his nose while voting for Trump. Hillary has made civilian disarmament a central part of her platform, and that will apply to the gay community too. I don’t know if he’ll find it persuasive, but I’ll tell him all the same. He’s my friend. And I would be only slightly happier seeing him spend decades in prison for violating a firearms ban than I would about him lying dead on the floor of some night club somewhere.

The Democrats want to pretend that Islam isn’t a problem, and will greatly increase their number in America. They also feel that we need to disarm America’s law abiding civilians. Trump wants a temporary ban on Islamic immigration and Federal concealed carry reciprocity. Trump’s take will have responsible Americans defending themselves, while the Democrat plan has the gay community (especially despised by Islam) disarmed along with everyone else, and acting as the expendable front lines of an American public who must wait for police to ‘respond’ to their murder by Muslims.

If you’re gay and interested in survival, this is an easy choice.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Something that has bugged me since late yesterday about this shooting:

How did one guy manage to cover all the exits and detain a large group of people to shoot 100 of them? Instead of being shot, where a number of the casualties from being trampled as people fled in panic?

MikeCLT said...

Please share your suggestions and recommendations regarding a weapon or weapons for self defense. Although I am a lifetime member of the NRA and regularly contribute to its legislative campaigns, I do not own a gun. I figured that some day I might want to own one and when that day came I wanted that choice. I think that day is here.

Any insight is appreciatedbb