Tuesday, June 14, 2016

- A Response to CAIR

I have a short response to CAIR's argument that we should not demonize the Muslim community for the acts of a few members, and it's simply this:

Go fuck yourselves.

I find your arrogance infuriating. I'm watching the bodies stack up In Paris, Brussels, London, Ft Hood, and now Orlando , and you still have the gall to claim that yours is a peaceful religion? You had better explain that to the faithful because they are obviously not listening. And in spite of what women like Obama tell us to believe, you are no longer fooling anyone.

Those weren't homosexuals that were killed in Orlando, they were Americans. The fact that you don't like their choices doesn't stand as a valid reason to see them dead. Under our way of life, they are answerable for their actions only to god. You don't get a say in whether they are right or wrong. You don't get to tell them how to live. No one does.

There are a lot of things wrong with America and we have many problems. But they're our problems and will be handled our way. You know what else we have in this country? 100 million armed men. So before you think about forcing them to convert you'd do well to remember that when we think of hearts and minds, it's because those are the best places to aim when shooting back.