Tuesday, June 21, 2016

When fiction predicts the future.. Demolition Man

One of my favorite movies from the 1990s was 'Demolition Man'.  Given the the rather non-PC themes, I have always wondered how it got past the powers-that-be in Hollywood, instead of getting buried like what was done to 'Idiocracy'.

One of the villains is Dr. Raymond Cocteau (played by the late Nigel Hawthorne) who I am convinced is what Michael Bloomberg wanted to be, if Bloomberg managed to elevate himself to a prophet / demigod status.  Cocteau from the ashes of a societal collapse creates a feminized, nanny-state, "utopia":  No meat, no salt, no booze, and certainly no 16 oz cups of soda. 

 However, there is a plethora of estrogen-ized men, who are unable to deal with a violent felon (played by Wesley Snipes) who doesn't bother playing by societal rules. Think of Snipe's character (Simon Phoenix) as a Jihadi rampaging his way through western Europe.  The societal overlords "thaw out" from prison - statis another convict (Stallone) in the hopes that this violent "relic from the past" can deal with Phoenix.

This "utopia" was presented in a farcical manner.  However, given the current trajectory our society is headed, I started to wonder if this movie was in fact predicting the future.  Lo and behold, searching out the movie clips on Youtube I found this video from 'Darwinian Thought'.  Turns out I am not alone in wondering if this movie was in fact a warning of what portends for the future, instead of just being a big budget action / comedy.


Check it Darwinian's video if you have the time.  Better yet, check out the movie if you haven't seen it....

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