Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Are there lions left in Western Europe?

What will happen to Europe? My opinion vacillates between civil war and surrender to the Sharia state, which frankly depends on my mood at the time.  I just don't have enough information on how the people of Europe really feel to come to a concrete opinion on the matter.  On the surface I see surrender.  In particular to women who seem welcome the prison of the veil.

I remind myself though that speaking freely in Europe today can easily end one's career, finances, if not one's freedom.  The State wields its sword against those who leave the prescribed narrative, whilst treating the Islamic invaders with a light touch.  Who really knows what anger and hate bubbles beneath the veneer in the hearts of men?

So I ask the question:  Are there lions left in Europe?  Will at some point the free men of Europe rise up and tear the shit out of everyone who willingly created this nightmare?

 Yes, I know lions were rendered extinct in the early iron age in the European continent....   I instead refer to an ethos that real men hold.  An ethos of course derided by Left.

The ethos was described by none other than Christopher Walken in a movie over a decade back.  I tried to find a video to go with the audio and that would segue with the subject at hand.  Alas, I kept getting the Jew-hate nonsense that infects the Alt-right.  So instead I post a clip from the movie itself, so your imagination can fill in the rest.

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Muzzlethemuz said...

Europe's history from time immemorial was pretty much constant warfare from the conquest of Rome until 1945. The Cold War sort of froze everything in place along the lines of surrender. When the Wall fell in '89 it must've truly been something to have been a European citizen living there when it occurred. I think people can be forgiven for thinking it was indeed, "The End of history."

I was there both immediately before and just after the issuance of the Euro and I could feel the excitement and hope on the streets that it was indeed, a new era. The EU was a brand new entity and hopes were high. My guess is the RFNJ crowd isn't too into 1990's House, Trance or Euro Dance music, but such poppy upbeat music was reflective of that era. Regardless of one's tastes, the continent was bopping to a good vibe circa late 90's/early 2000's. At least, that was my take on it.

It has been my contention for some time that the orgiastic outbursts of testosterone experienced by Europeans between the years 1914 and 1945 left the majority of Europeans with a collective, reflexive distaste towards warfare in general and warfare in Europe in particular. In their megadeaths was born their die weltanschauung - lasting peace and security as something best achieved through the abandonment of traditional European values; the Church, monarchy, authoritarianism, Colonialism et al., and a movement towards secular, socialistic democracy, and erasure of national borders. A casting away, really, of what had come before. Go to any national park today in the depths of America's interior and you can pick out the European tourists a mile away, especially the males. Effete, scarf-clad, Addidas soccer sneakers, skinny jeans, pastel-colored Invicta backpacks, etc. In a word... wussies. I understand where they are coming from and for me, it has always been a direct result of the 20th century's ~80 million dead, butchered, in the cradle of Western civilization.

The Euros have a choice to make. My guess is having spent the majority of the last 1600 years butchering each other, with small, statistically insignificant pauses and armistices here and there, it won't take much to get them back to form. Especially if this time around they're not butchering each other but someone else.