Monday, July 11, 2016

- Black Lies Matter

Last night a small crowd of NYU students marched down University place from Union Square to Washington Square, screaming “no justice no peace” and “Black Lives Matter”. One particularly drunk and hostile protester slipped away from the crowd over to Broadway where he took his anger out on a garbage can. He spent 5 minutes ripping it from its holder on the corner, and smashing it against a phone booth while loudly complaining about injustice and the ‘f***ing white man’. Helicopters followed the protest at a very low altitude. Everyone ignored the screaming garbage can vandal.

There were (what I would call) riots all weekend, but you’d never know it to read the NYTimes. They are sticking firmly to the liberal narrative in spite of it's obvious collapse, and in the process burning the last of their credibility. Which is certainly what I would expect from them. They created this monster by adding gasoline to the fire for ages, and they know it. So now they’re going to distance themselves as best they can. There were a number of injuries last night and there are reports that some police stations were hit with bullets. But fortunately there were no deaths directly associated with the protests. In response to that black on (mostly white) racism, the NYTimes had some video from a fictional account of a white family that has a peaceful interaction with a cop who has pulled them over for a broken tail-light on the front page of the digital version.

When all else fails, and it obviously has, the left resorts to popular fiction. If it wasn't so brazen and ridiculous it would be laughable.

President Obama is floundering, and it’s obvious. He says “we may never know what the Dallas shooter’s motives were”. That is, we won’t unless we ask the shooter. His last words were that he wanted to kill white people. But in order to preserve the illusion that racism is exclusively a white on black phenomenon, no liberal could admit the truth, especially president Obama. He's so obviously lying about the whole thing that I'm pretty confident he's fooling no one.

He also says that cops have issues in communities where they know there are a lot of guns. But there are places in the south where you have to drive 1,000 miles before you pass a house that doesn’t have a gun in it, and police don’t seem to have any particular problem there. Meanwhile, south Chicago is a ‘gun free zone’ where there are almost no legal guns, yet the cops have nothing but problems. And that says nothing about the problems of the people who live there, who seem to shoot each other at a pretty astounding rate given that they're all protected by the kind of strong gun control laws that the left wants for the rest of America.

Obviously Obama and the liberal left are having a real problem understanding reality. That's certainly no secret to the readers here. But it’s nice to see respected pols with no dog in this fight coming out and calling it what it is. Rudy Giuliani has been particularly plain spoken and realistic. If you feel like you’re living in some kind of Orwellian dystopic fantasy after reading the New York Times, google what Rudy has had to say lately. He’ll remind you that you aren’t the crazy one.

Our current race problems are the result of another stupid idea hatched in America’s teacher’s lounges. It's another failed attempt at social engineering in the interest of getting equal results from unequal input. It misidentified the problem in America’s black communities as ‘systemic white racism’ and has tried to put solutions in place to solve that problem in spite of the fact that it hasn’t exist for 50 years. When black under-performance continued to persist, all they ever did was double down. Now we’re 50 years into the idiotic idea that what happens to black Americans is never their fault, and the social casino where the left has been gambling with our culture would like America to cover it's losses. That bill will be paid in the blood of innocent people. And since the BLM movement has no real chance in a hot war against the law enforcement community of America's cities, most of the blood will come from the people that have been most deluded by the mass psychosis of the last 50 years.

It might help if the BLM movement had some kind of goal in mind other than 'tearing it all down', but to date nothing is proposed. It's just a more violent version of the 'safe space' and 'trigger warning' nonsense that America's campuses have demanded. The BLM movement is a sort of 'occupy Harlem' where there are no real solutions because there are no real problems. All they really want is for reality to stop being reality. They want assurances of wealth, safety, and protection in spite of them not realizing that it's people who behave like they do that people need the protection from. What they want is for stupid and self destructive behavior to be as highly valued as intelligent behavior. And hearing them ask for black criminals to not be shot when they threaten the lives of policemen, should be taken no more seriously than that occupy idiot who wanted 150K a year because he had a masters degree in puppetry.

We'll all get right on that.

I do think this will escalate. The scenario I imagine is some police middle manager with a small groups of patrolmen. They get cut off from the larger group of cops, surrounded by raging protesters, and take incoming rocks and Molotov cocktails from the crowd on all sides. They hear what they think is gunfire and are convinced (right or wrong) that they are being fired upon, so in their self-defense, they open fire on the crowd. Then the public purge will begin.

If you live in a mostly white neighborhood and have little contact with criminal blacks, I wouldn’t get too panicked. Black Americans may be poorly socialized, but the vast majority of them aren’t bloodthirsty criminals and are as concerned about all this BS as anyone else. They may be angry and hate white people, and blame them for their hardship, but that’s not the same thing as trying to do them harm. As usual, they’ll be more interested in grabbing a big screen TV than hurting whitey. If you really want to prepare for this crisis properly you should stock up on food so you can stay at home nights, then sell ‘Best Buy” short.

We can talk about the politics of it after the rest of the blood has been spilled, but you know Hillary will only make things worse not better. Anything but a Trump vote is basically asking America's academic social engineers to double down one last time. Unless you think these protests and the killings that go with them are a step in the right direction toward making America a better place, you had better vote for Trump.

ZeroHedge has a piece about the escalation here. As usual, they are a bit over the top. But while I’m not sure about the solutions they propose, the analysis of insurrection seems like it has at least a small element of truth in it.

If you want to know the mathematically irreducible facts on the ground up to now and get a clear idea of the extent of the BLM delusion, I’d recommend RadioDerb, who discussed a summary of the facts with help from Heather MacDonald.

If you want to know the higher level ‘big picture’, I’d recommend the first half of this Breitbart piece.

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