Friday, July 8, 2016

- Dallas Cop Shootings: Liberalism's End Game

At the core of the pathology of liberalism is the belief that how you feel about the facts, is a much more important component of reality than the facts themselves. In how this falls out politically, there is an element of co-dependence to it. The rank and file liberal only wants to be freed from accountability. They want someone else to take the responsibility for all the bad things that have ever happened to them in their life and to take responsibility for fixing it for them. While the liberal leadership, for the most part cynically exploits the emotions of their followers as a component of their individual will to power.

I don’t know anything about the individual BLM protesters who fired on cops in Dallas last night, but absent all other information I can tell you one thing. They feel like they were perfectly justified in their actions. They feel that black America is being punished by the police for being black. They look at the unequal outcomes that black Americans achieve and are so ego invested in their views, that they lack the ability to take personal responsibility for their lives. To them, it’s easier to strike out in rage than it is to ponder their individual responsibility and use reason.

Our liberal politicians, especially President Obama, are deeply complicit in this shooting. Obama has a foot in both camps, so instead of his view being supported by a cynical will to power like Hillary Clinton’s, he is in fact a true believer. He is convinced as a black man, that the cops really do punish black America for being black, instead of simply reacting to far more common criminal behavior by black Americans. The best stats we can come up with contradict that view, but Obama isn’t as concerned about facts as he is how he feels about those facts.

This shooting was inevitable. So too will be the next one, and the one after that. This is the end product of two or three generations of children, instead of being taught how to think, being taught that feeling is the same as thinking. For decades the liberal academic left has been striving to shatter the organic bonds of society and to replace them with top down laws for enforcing their view of ‘fairness’. They have labored long and hard in ‘persistent bold experimentation’ to reshape society, with little to no thought to the unintended consequences of what they destroy.

Well this is what their version of society brings. Five cops dead, another seven wounded, and many more innocent black men and cops of all races to be killed in the near future.

I saw the video of the Baton Rouge shooting, and to me it looks like a justified shooting, all things considered. The Minnesota shooting I have fewer facts about, but that case is obviously less clear. I have no doubt that the cop was afraid for his life, but his reasons for that fear and whether that fear was justified are as yet unknown. From what I do know, it looks like he wildly over-reacted, and should probably be punished for it. But that’s just how it looks for now. Facts will out.

But as I type this, policemen all over the country are waking up and learning that the war of words that BLM, the President and American Liberalism has been waging on them, has now turned into a hot war. I am completely convinced that this makes the next shooting of a black man by a cop much more likely not less likely. That’s tragic but inevitable so long as we are prepared to concern ourselves more with feelings of outrage than facts on the ground.

This will get worse before it gets better. The violence will escalate not diminish. Many black Americans have become deeply ego invested in the idea that they are not responsible for their lives. And as we’ve seen, they will defend that ego investment with bullets if they feel it’s necessary. There will be no appeasing black America now. No amount of money and preferential treatment will buy them off. They will settle for nothing less than the surrender of reason and fact, to their feelings of outrage and injustice.

That’s really the only thing that makes the BLM movement different. It’s utter unwillingness to see any opposing side of the issue. They believe they are supported by the latest philosophical thinking about intersectionality, victimhood, and oppression. They believe they are perfectly correct in their feelings, and there is no room for reasoned debate. To disagree with them about facts brings only more rage. And from their perspective they’re perfectly correct. Reason and facts have no place in any discussions with the BLM movement.

I find this very disconcerting because I live in a city where 40,000 heavily armed, blue collar men defend the population from a criminal element where 97% of the illegal shootings are minority on minority. Virtually all the privately held firearms in New York City are in the hands of non-white criminals. That means the camps are already assembled, armed and need only to get properly organized.

The “Black Lives Matter” movement is providing that organization. And they’re doing so with the unwavering political support of the entire liberal left from the teacher’s lounges to the Whitehouse. This is in effect, the seeds of a civil war. And one that will be joined with enthusiasm by all of America’s enemies. ISIS will no doubt be doing its level best to make the most of this conflict. As will foreign powers who believe they have a stake in the destruction of America.

There will no doubt be many civilian casualties in this war, and I believe most of the unjustified killing will be minorities. That’s particularly tragic because it will create the exact environment that BLM thought they were complaining about in the first place. This is an environment where the future oppression of black America, is almost inevitable. And since it’s unlikely to be diffused by our politicians, I believe it will be bloody.


chess said...

Another well said... They do this but since most violent crime is black on black just wait for the next 911 call comes out for a drive by whacking. When they really want a cop whos going to respond to that???

And smith and Wesson hits all time highs

chess said...

And one update.. Please look at the "hood" this dude lived in. He lived with mom....Jesus

Muzzlethemuz said...

Another excellent RFNJ post. Dialed.