Thursday, July 21, 2016

- Endorsing Donald Trump

George Carlin had a great line about driving on the highway. He used to say that anyone going slower than you is a “IDIOT!” and anyone going faster than you is an “ASSHOLE!”. What the great comedian never realized was, it isn’t just on the highway.

I am not a #nevertrump guy. Gun rights are my thing, so I can’t have Hillary setting up the Supreme Court. As unreliable as Trump is, he’s better than her. That’s the end of it. But to the Nevertrump people, the fact that I would vote for him makes me either an idiot or an asshole, depending on which way you think about it. I don’t think the nevertrumpers I know believe we are as close to the edge as I do. They’re taking a longer term view, and are already thinking about recovery in 2020. Me, I’m not so optimistic. It think anything resembling recovery from President Hillary will take at least 40 years and will probably involve learning the Koran. I'm not much of a Catholic but I've been one a long time, so I'm disinclined to change.

When I look at the policy direction of the Federal government, I see several decisions which have no effective checks on them. Sure the system was designed for checks and balances, but that didn’t stop Obamacare, the explosion of the Federal debt, or the lack of an actual budget. It never even slowed down the policy of spending money today that we will, in the most optimistic scenario (which I do not subscribe to) be collecting the taxes to pay decades from now. It never stopped the Justice department from rewriting the law from the prosecution side, or the constant haranguing of private citizens by lawsuits designed to make them comply with invented rights of others.

I’m not talking principles here. I doubt you can get a hair’s width between the principles of someone like Jonah Goldberg and I. What I’m talking about is survival. I do not see our lack of fiscal responsibility as a scenario which anyone is trying to end. And it’s just as well because the act of trying to defuse the bomb is very likely going to be the thing to set it off. But another decade or so of Democratic rule will mean nothing but trying to keep the bomb safe by packing it in kerosene soaked newspaper and C4. It may not set things off but it will make things much worse when it happens.

The key here that the Democrats do not know how to think about the consequences (let alone the unintended consequences) of their actions. They think they can legislate away reality (or at least circumvent if by decree lacking actual legislation), but reality doesn’t care if you acknowledge it. Reality will always have the last laugh. And the reality is that the American populace no longer deserves self rule.

I would rather Trump blow it all up today when I’m young enough and healthy enough to recover from it. If it happens when most informed people I know expect it to, then I’ll be too old to be anything but a burden to my daughter. Who will have her own problems to solve. That doesn’t mean Trump is going to blow it up, though that’s probably the way to bet. But at least he won’t be shipping in truckloads of kerosene soaked rags and explosives.

If all he does is fire 10% of every Federal department, it would be an incredibly productive start in the right direction - a direction we've ignored for far too long. Americans are incredibly resilient and productive. Lower the cost of compliance for them and they will spring into action creating jobs and creating wealth. Things will begin to improve. Enough? I don’t know. But it would be a good start.

By being an outsider, Trump is the last best hope of saving Obama’s America from itself. By rejecting the ‘normal course of business’ he can only improve things. There will be a small chance that he lights the fire that brings it all down, but failing that, there is almost nowhere to go but up.

Trump isn't my perfect candidate, but I've voted for imperfect candidates before, and may again. He is however, the least bad one.


chess said...

Michael Moore Tells Bill Maher: "Trump Is Going to Win"

You and Michael 2 peas in a pod......The end is near!!!!!

Tom said...

LOL. (I literally laughed out loud at this one chess.) Not to split hairs, but I don't say Trump is going to win, I only say that he as to.

chess said...

You cant fool me . Your whole life has been calculating risk/reward and returns.. Somewhere in your head right now you are putting together an algorithm using yours and Mike's intellect??? . You 2 will be like Pinky and the Brain. I'm not saying which one is which..One day rule the world .

Unknown said...

Tom, you need one of these: