Wednesday, July 20, 2016

- #FreeMilo (By Letting Twitter Die)

The other day, I was listening to the Kevin Williamson – Charlie Cooke podcast, “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”. I like Kevin personally (though not so much Charlie), and their podcast is usually an interesting take on things. Since they’re both very pro-gun, I usually enjoy what they have to say on the topic. Anyway, during this week’s podcast, Kevin offered an aside to another discussions that I though was interesting.

Basically he said that the way Trump fans are always talking about the masculinity of his message was actually a throwback to Gay media from the 70’s. Is it? You got me. I’m not exactly up on my gay themed messaging history. But on a certain level I guess I can see his point. I knew a couple of guys who were very into body building back then and I was always a little heterosexually suspicious at the way they seemed to fetishize the male form. These days of course, no one would care. But at that time and place, being gay was still something where you wanted to at least keep it to yourself. And if I understand Kevin’s point correctly, I can see where he’s going with it.

None the less though I think it’s an irrelevant swipe at the people who have been the most unjustly critical of him. Kevin isn’t offering an analysis of the effectiveness of Trumps message, he's just insulting his supporters (I suspect) because they've been so insulting toward him. In his typically cerebral way, he’s saying that the very people who support Trump and criticize him for being a “cuckservative”, are actually the ones who may have questions about their own masculinity.

This seems like a cheap, unjustified shot to me - like the big (intellectual) kid picking on the little (intellectual) kids. Though I think if anyone is entitled it’s probably Kevin. Twitter has been a source of virtually perpetual insult to him since he came out as a #nevertrump supporter. And all of it is probably unjustified. Though with it all out there, I think it’s a shame to see him reduced to the level of veiled insults to a bunch of idiots who wouldn’t know a serious thought if it pummeled them about the head and shoulders.

I do think Trump’s more masculine message is helping him greatly and net-net will be a good thing for the Republican party, and I’ve written about that a lot. But Kevin wasn’t talking about that. He was talking about the way the pro wrestling fans that make up a certain percentage of Trump’s base took it. I view the 'thinking' of those supporters as a kind of ‘necessary evil’ of the change in presentation between Trump and say Romney, but Kevin looks at it as something that invalidates the whole principle of the message. He could have lots of personal reasons for that but it's all wasted on me. I think it’s a shame to see one of the leading conservative minds of our time calling a whole big bunch of people gay simply because they've been mean to him, but this is the world we live in I guess. You can cram an insult into 128 characters, but it’s hard to fit an actual idea into that space.

Then there is the Milo incident. Last night he was "permanently banned" for his supporters getting in a scuff with a big unattractive black woman I've never heard of. Twitter is a private company, and is entitled to stifle any speech they see fit. That’s a given. But… their customer base should recognize that they are a company who, like much of the rest of western society, is deep in the thrall of anti-white and anti-male, social justice. Under that philosophy, you can say things about white people or men and the society they’ve built that you cannot say about the female or black community or the subculture they’ve built. Image of a hooded black man slashing the throat of a cop – that’s OK. Call a big, unattractive black woman a gorilla, that’s not OK. The hypocrisy is obvious to everyone not in thrall to the cult of the left, but that includes Twitter’s operating managers, all of the mainstream media, and one of our major political parties.

I’m a huge Milo fan, and his response was classic. “If I’m a white supremacist then I’m the first black cock sucking white supremacist in history”. You gotta love the guy. In an age where who you are means far FAR more than what you do or say, the guy sure knows how to play the game. I don’t have a Twitter account for obvious reasons, but I’m reliably told that as of this morning, #FREEMILO was the number one trending tag. If Twitter cares about its stockholders, it had better stop trying to ‘effect social justice’ and start listening to its consumers. But I guess they’re betting on being the only game in town.

Either way though, twitter is an obvious cesspool, and stands zero chance in my opinion of ever being anything close to a legitimate source of actual information. Average is a lot dumber than it looks, and when you’re dealing with numbers like Twitter, your average user is going to be way down there in the double digits for IQ. There is no place for thinking on a platform like that, so it naturally attracts people who are disinclined to thinking. Personally I can’t wait to see it wither like MySpace did. If it can reduce Kevin Williamson to sneering and snarking, and still can't see it's own one sided take politically, then there is little virtue in that particular train wreck.

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