Thursday, July 7, 2016

- It's A Behavior Problem Not Racism

Another “unarmed” black man needlessly gunned down by police? The police call was for an armed man waving a gun, and after a struggle where one cop is clearly heard screaming “He’s got a gun”, they took a gun off Alton Sterling (which is pretty clearly visible in the second video). Case closed.

None of that points to the real problem. The problem was that Alton Sterling resisted. If he had spoken calmly, rationally, and allowed the police to control the situation (which they always insist on doing) I believe he would not have been shot.

There is a reason that cops don’t shoot many unarmed white women. It’s because unarmed white women don’t fight with them, they don’t struggle with them, and they don’t represent a serious threat if they do. Instead they are compliant, and rely on the police to deal calmly with the situation, after they’ve properly assessed the threat. A large black man does represent a threat but if he would act the same way toward police that unarmed white women do, they would be shot at no greater rate.

In the meantime, 97% of the shootings in NYC (as an example with good data available) are perpetrated by non-white men. Non-white men make up 96% of the victims of those shootings. Those men are playing a dangerous game and the Police have not only the right, but the responsibility to use force, even deadly force, top protect themselves and others.

If black lives matter so much, BLM should concentrate on getting black men to act like the rest of us when the police show up. This isn’t ‘systemic racism’. This is a behavioral problem systemic to black men. If they don't let the cops control the risks, they are much more likely to be shot.

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Charles F. Johnson over at Gotnews dug up the criminal background of the now deceased suspect in Baton Rouge. His record and background isn't pretty...