Friday, July 22, 2016

-The Morning After... Cuck-Spiracies and the Lament of the Establishment Twits

The Cuck-spiracies started at the moment Trump announced his candidacy. The theory was that Trump would savage the Repubs contenders so bad, that Hillary would wade in and have a walk in the park to the presidency.
Panties are still in a bunch at NR and other NeverTrump encampments. Last night the cucks came out at first when Tom Barrack (CEO of Colony Capital - [disclaimer: I own this stock]) gave what I considered  a combination of an Irish Eulogy (possibly directed at the corpse of the mainstream) with more so an upbeat "best man" wedding speech. The cucks wanted nothing to do with it and were lock-step in snark with liberals. Barrack even said his speech wasn't going to rais the rafters. It was no BS and from the heart. Refreshing.
The best cuck-spiracy theory of them all was puked by none-other than the unhinged, holier-than-thou, Glen Beck. Although Miami is a big city, access to talk radio is limited. Michael Savage is available but you need a vintage CB-Radio antenna to bring in a clear signal. So I'm stuck with Glen as ride home from work. Glen's theories ranged from Melania's speech was sabotaged from the inside to secret meetings behind closed doors with two-faced delegates. Yep, Glen trotted out the ol' "I heard from a very reliable source that people speaking in support of Trump at the convention were secretly plotting for 2020." ... you mean just like when McCain ran and Romney after that?
Not be left out, people in the NR circle were lighting up the Twitter sphere with "mourning in America" tweets, Kevin W was very active and chimed in on the Mussolini comparisons. Jonah Goldberg lamented that Trump doesn't understand DC or Policy. Kevin was also dismayed by the "yelling". What the f*ck happened at NR? Did someone put estrogen in the water cooler?
These same folks telling me Trump is a joke are the ones that told me to believe in Romney and McCain before that...
Neither of those two could deliver a speech with force or resonance. Trump kept it plain spoken but forceful. The lily-livers on the right are so flabbergasted that I couldn't separate their spilled pablum from people like Sally Kohn. If I took my marching orders from NR I would abstain from November and plan for 2020. Would they support Cruz? Nope. So NR will gin-up a new proto-repub candidate that will be in their image and . A bland DC insider that recites policy, wears Rugby ties and who's biggest paycheck came from writing opinion pieces or was a lifelong congress critter.
Their lament is music to my ears. I used to enjoy NR, but Rich Lowry and his pals are wussified.
Whenever I read NR or commentary from their peanut gallery, I use the Nathan Lane "Bird Cage" character as the narrative voice, complete with exclamations and swoons. It is amusing and fitting.
Bring on the debates. I believe Trump will plow right through Hillary and reveal her many flaws on stage. The cucks will call him a classless brute. So will the Libs. My boss asked me what I thought. I told him Trump will probably win by the biggest margin in history. he was shocked. He's a cuck. I explained that Hillary, even to her most earnest supporters, on her best day is un-listenable ! I also mentioned that nobody cares about Hillary. Did anyone even care when she selected Kaine to be a running mate? Seriously - it was like a Pat Paulson schtick. Philadelphia will be interesting, and Tom makes a great observation. First time in a long time I look forward to November.

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chess said...

Ikaika. Where the hell you been???. The next 90 days should be entertaining... I still think with the democratic machine that is hers to lose..
My main problem with the Trump machine is i don't see a machine.. And Manafort?? I might be the only one who thinks he is a doofus and I am being kind. Last night while pastor from South Carolina was giving a speech that James Brown from the Blues Brothers would have been proud of the doofus was giving an interview on CNN. CNN i guarantee did that on purpose and the doofus took it hook line and sinker. MSNBC aired the speech and it was fire and brimstone caliber. So if someone didn't switch to MSNBC no one saw it. Why the fu..... would you agree to an interview to talk over you own speaker let alone a minority man of religion?
Cut him loose