Sunday, July 3, 2016

-Narrative Collapses and Collisions are Everywhere...

Journalism is not dead, it is mercilessly being tortured to death by people that call themselves journalists and the networks or outlets they work for.
Here we see "prima facie evidence", Christiane Amanpour reinforcing the faith in modern journalism. This is so bad it could have been a Monty Python sketch,.
Several liberal narratives either completely disintegrated or collided in the past few weeks.
Brexit we are told is based on racism. Truth, UK citizens voted overwhelmingly that Brexit meant Britains are better at making decisions that impact Great Britain better than a group of un-elected officials in Brussels. How does Amanpour prove that the overwhelming majority of Pro-Brexit voters are racially motivated? She has her crew interview THREE elderly people that were probably fed the line before the cameras rolled.

Next: the internet and the expert-sphere was abuzz with why the Brexit is BAAAD! Unionists were quick to point out exactly where they might get hurt or travelling musicians that were part of the guild realized that they needed to do extra paper-work - booo-friggin-hoo!.

The big narrative collision was the post-brexit, anti-brexit protest that conjurd up a small gathering of social justice warriors and professional agitators in Trafalgar Square. No need to post the vids, just search it. You will see that the same demographic and crowd that mourns the loss of linkage the a large globalist aligned multi-national organization, are the same people that will protest the G-8 Meetings! Hilarious!

Another narrative collapse was that the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen was a closet homosexual that was emotionally disturbed and sexually confused who acted solely on his racist and homophobic angst. The part where he stopped in the midst of his killing spree to call 911 and declare allegiance to ISIS and in the name of Allah was fumbled by the DOJ and the Media. This was all about Assault Weapons, not about a guy that had amassed a level of government contractor clearance, coupled with his protected muslim status that would probably grant him access to firearms in the most restrictive states. Well, aside from Glenn Beck trying to go-along-with it by posting the fraud video of someone claiming to be Mateen's former gay lover, there is no evidence that Mateen had gay lovers.

Whoops! there goes another narrative.

To and from work I listen to Jazz radio. Unfortunately, all good Jazz Radio is welded to Public Broadcast. I guess its the only good thing about Public Broadcast. Strangely enough, US Public Broadcasting Networks do not pull their news from US sources, but rather from the BBC. In the wake of Orlando, the BBC did a brief piece describing the "brave sit-in" by the House Dems and described that the NRA (you, me, and everyone in between) was an organization that has "thwarted gun-laws". To correct the Beeb, the NRA doesn't thwart laws. Oh Brother!

On the heels of the garish "sit-in" orchestrated by house democrats to protest Due Process. Hollywood celebs and brainless pundits applauded this moldy attempt at sixties-radicalism by a group of people that became extremely wealthy from there career in politics. The sit-in was catered and also used as a fundraising vehicle. The ghost of Abbie Hoffman is gyrating.

The unexpected consequence of the "sit-in" was the NRA found a strange bedfellow in the ACLU based on the fact that the new protected class of minority (Islamic Middle Eastern Immigrant) would be deeply impacted by a "no-fly, no-buy" 2-A Infringement.

This is a wacky country and nothing is more perverse and wackier than Governor Moonbeam's recent signing of six-pieces of anti-gun legislation that do nothing to stop crime, but infringes on the right not only to keep and bear arms, but to keep them loaded! There is now a data base in California of ammunition purchasers. YIKES!

Remember this madness when you enjoy Independence Day (no, not the movie). Better yet, reacquaint yourselves with the Federalist Papers and sharpen up for the next argument about "framers intent".  I like to point to Federalist 46 since it explains the definition and purpose of a militia.
But also contrast with Hamilton who wanted to eliminate the militia for a large national army (more like a toothier version of the National Guard).

Finally, Trump is fighting the battles that Romney walked away from. The lib pundits and the cuckservatives have been rattled by his social media attacks on Crooked Hillary. Strong man politics in America has been long overdue. It is also the reason why Trump has lead Hillary in Latin Male and Black Male demo polls. Here in Miami, lots of families fled from socialist dictatorships and some that were helmed by women like Dilma Rousseff, Kirchner. The vibe is that Trump is a strong man in words and actions, and that is usually enough for hen-pecked 3rd worlders to get on board.
Here is a funny parody (unfortunately it is linked to youtube channel hosted by an aryan crackpot). So I don't endorse the artist, but I appreciate the art.

That's all I have - Happy Independence Day!


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


On a similar vein there is a guy making Alt-right parodies of Disney movies.

It was originally posted on Youtube, but it got nixed due to copyright infringement.

Muzzlethemuz said...

It all says war to me. Savage is right. Liberalism is a mental disorder. A mendacious one. And a tenacious one at that. I foresee a constitutional convention in a Clinton presidency to repeal the 2nd and once they do that they'll realize how easy it was and shoot for whichever other ones are giving them a headache. It will be the end of the Republic. I have no idea how this pans out. The country is too large to control, my guess is huge swaths of the interior will bow out and of course, anything could happen. Disturbing times.