Monday, July 25, 2016

- The Old Lady's Convention

I never liked Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She always seemed to me to be that ugly mix of self-delusion and cynicism that you see from most members of the sisterhood when they enter the field of politics as a vocation. They all sound to me like a mix between Jimmy Hoffa and Gladys Kravitz from bewitched. Half of you wants to slap her on the ass (just for the shock value) and the other half of you wants to punch her in the mouth. Every time she speaks some useless 1960's pablum about 'hearing all the voices' comes out, and you know she never means a word of it. Mostly you feel like she just wants you to shut up and let her do things the way she wants, however crazy and stupid that is. As it turns out, that's pretty much what she's been doing anyway.

And there is a whole lot of that going on in Philly this week.

For a guy who lived so near to Philadelphia, I don't know it very well. I ran the Marathon there a few years ago, and had a hell of a time with it, but apart from that I've never really been. New York was always my city, and Philly wasn't as convenient. My brother went to school there, but I never visited him when he did. So my impressions of the place really only involve running through 26 miles of it, exactly once. And you can't get to know a city very well that way.

Still, when I imagine the the thousands of cops outside the convention protecting the (mostly) white people inside from the (mostly) black people outside, all the while calling the cops outside a bunch of racists, and I kind of wish the cops would all just let the protesters go in and work it out with the delegates on their own. The way I see it, they all deserve each other. They're the ones who whipped up this frenzy, so they should be the ones who have to deal with it. It's a shame the cops have to act as middlemen.

But you know how it is. There is just no talking to old ladies. They're absolutely certain that they're right about everything, and that you're just an idiot. And that's the modern Democrat party. A bunch of old ladies telling their shriveled and defeated men what to do. The Democrat party hasn't just become the party of women, it's become the party of shriveled bitter old women that no man wants any part of. Who need to hear that shrill nonsense from them.

I'm happy the truth has come out about Debbie. I'm happy her incredibly cynicism has come through thanks to wikileaks. She, Pelosi, and Clinton are three peas in a pod. A bunch of old ladies - crazy as batshit - who America needs to hear less from, not more. Debbie's own Florida delegates practically chased her from a meeting this morning with torches and pitchforks. And she deserves every second of it. And though I never want to see violence, I hope the same happens to the rest of the old ladies in Philly. America would be a much better place if we communally decided to put them all in a home.

With all their talk about 'the things we can do together', nothing would be as productive for America as something like that.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I was going to 'formally' retract my prediction that Hillary would not be the nominee. Frankly, I am still not sure if she is going to be or not; even with the convention upon us. Between the pissed off Bernie supporters, her recent space-out episodes (she appears to have some serious neurological issues), and the poll numbers, I won't be surprised to see:

A riot on the convention floor
Super-delegates defecting to anyone but Hillary.
Hillary dropping dead on stage when she approaches the podium to give her acceptance speech gives her acceptance speech.

Frankly, I don't want any of the above to happen. Trump IMHO will win against Hillary. If Biden were to replace her, a lot of white male voters will vote for Biden over Trump.

chess said...

Hell. If you remember Steven the crazy Irishman in Braveheart. Mel is about to kill a deer and the bad dude is about to kill Mel when Steven takes out the assassin and says I never liked him anyway he aint right in the head.
I am waiting for them to turn on Kaine and push in Warren or a latino for VP.

MikeCLT said...

Those four are more like Suzie Green from Curb Your Enthusiasm than Gladys Kravitz. Google best of Suzie Green for a sample.

Muzzlethemuz said...

"Half of you wants to slap her on the ass (just for the shock value) and the other half of you wants to punch her in the mouth."