Tuesday, July 19, 2016

- An Open Letter To "Black Lives Matter"

If you see me walking along in Manhattan - raging to myself, visibly angry - at the injustice of the way the Romulans have encroached on the neutral zone, you’d call me crazy. If you saw me doing the same thing only I was standing in front of a crowd of about 50 geeky looking middle aged white guys with signs and placards that say “Romulans go home”, and they cheered every time I uttered some particularly angry expression or mentioned what occurred on a particular star date, you’d still call us all crazy.

The “Black Lives Matter” movement and all the self-important little militant black separatist movements are exactly the same. You are raging against a totally imaginary ‘injustice’. Your oppression is only in your own heads. Being successful in the world has turned out to be harder than you imagined, and you are very angry about that. But it’s hard for everyone, not just you. It isn’t reality you’re complaining about it’s your own fantasy. A fantasy born of your own imaginations.

Just because you feels oppressed, doesn’t automatically mean you are oppressed. Our country has vast rafts of laws which give black Americans specific advantages based on absolutely nothing but the color of your skin. If the advantages this provides aren’t enough for you, or if you fail to make the most of them, that’s not injustice. It really just means you’re more of a loser than you are prepared to admit.

Your feelings, are your problem. Don’t tell me how you feel. I don’t care. The only thing I care about is evidence. I know you can’t tell the difference between your feelings and evidence, so let me explain it. Evidence is the kind of thing I can verify on my own. I can look at the statistics, or the reported facts surrounding physically incontrovertible events – not the opinions mind you but the facts, and they will lead me to the same conclusions you’ve reached, even if we didn’t speak at all.

Your feelings meanwhile, are totally irrelevant to everyone but you. If 100 people get together with you and feel exactly the same way, it is no less irrelevant. If it’s 1,000 or 10,000, it’s still irrelevant, unless it’s accompanied by physical evidence or sound statistics. There is no bullshitting reality. And I will not feel guilty simply because you feel bad, no matter how strongly you feel that way.

“No one cares how you feel, they only care what you do.”

Your feelings of outrage are based on lies and fantasies. The dead cops – those are facts. Those things I care about. The more cops you kill the worse it will be for you. The police have unlimited resources to draw on. For every cop you kill, 1,000 will pursue you. You cannot possibly hope to win a shooting war with them, and you only shatter your own credibility by trying.

But you don’t have to be losers anymore. All you have to do, is stop acting like losers, and presto – you will stop losing. Don’t get high at 8:00 AM. Pull up your pants. Put on some respectable looking clothes, and go get a job. If you want a better job, one that pays more, just learn to do something that’s worth more. Your ethnic studies degree isn’t worth anything to anyone but you. Try focusing on something that’s worth more to others instead.

But most of all, quit acting like animals. Quit behaving like savages to yourselves and each other. If you behave civilized, you will be treated civilized. The Koreans don’t have your problem. The Vietnamese don’t. The Indians, Pakistanis, and even most of the recent black immigrants from Africa don’t have your problems. They don’t feel oppressed here, they feel liberated. Just like the other 79% of the population. They realize what real oppression is because they’ve seen it. You haven’t. And you aren’t getting anything from me just because you feel like you have.

No one cares about your ancient history. Like you, the cops arresting you were all born AFTER the civil rights movement, not before. You all know no other world. So quit crying about an injustice done to some ancient ancestor of yours who you can’t even name. They may have had it hard, but you’ve had it easy. The only part of the equation that hasn’t been there for you, is you.

I hire black people all the time. I hire brown people, yellow people, any color of person you can imagine. I don’t care about their color, I only care about what they can do. But most of you can’t seem to do a thing except complain about me. Some people may feel guilty about that, but I don’t. And if you think making me feel guilty is going to be a path to prosperity, then I have only one thing to say to you.

Go fuck yourself.

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