Wednesday, July 27, 2016

- Pheasant Hunting And You

When I got divorced I lost touch with a number of people. When I changed jobs and relocated to NYC, I lost touch with more. So I thought I'd put this out there expressly for the purpose of reaching those who I don't speak to often enough.

With the return of one of our original "hunting party" from Boston to NYC (if you don't know who it is then don't worry about it) we're thinking about bringing the hiatus to an end. There are tentative plans being made for a little pheasant hunting this November. Several of the people you would expect have already committed to participation, and the plans will be arranged by me. As usual, it will be hunting in the AM, followed by post shooting lunch. All plans to be announced at a later date.

Unlike sporting clays or skeet shooting, which are perfeclty suitable for new and inexperienced shooters, hunting involves a small but perfectly manageable level of risk. I'm well known in my circles as a firearms safety nazi, so I will only allow people to join our group if I have personally confirmed that they are experienced enough with shotguns and hunting safety to represent no additional risk.

Unfortunately we no longer have a facility for prescreening new shooters, so I'm afraid we'll need to restrict this party to those who have participated in one of our hunting event in the past. If you have, and you think you might like to join this time as well, feel free to drop me an email on my personal account.


chess said...

One of my friends father would love to join ,DEAD on shot .. Last name is Cheney

Tom said...

If you can get him to be there chess, we'll be happy to make room for him. He's bagged his limit on lawyers, and banker season doesn't start until after January 1st, so we should be OK.