Thursday, July 21, 2016

- A Philadelphia Story

The Democratic National Convention will be held in Philadelphia Monday, July 25-Thursday, July 28.


Tuesday’s keynote speaker will be former President Bill Clinton with featured speakers from Mother’s of the Movement. The Mothers of the Movement participating include Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin; Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontré Hamilton; Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis; Lezley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown; Cleopatra Pendleton-Cowley, mother of Hadiya Pendleton; Geneva Reed-Veal, mother of Sandra Bland.

Who are these women you ask? I defer to "Blue Lives Matter":

Eric Garner died of a medical issue while resisting arrest. Dontré Hamilton was shot when he disarmed a police officer and was beating him over the head with his weapon. Michael Brown was shot while attempting to kill a police officer. And Sandra Bland committed suicide in her jail cell.

And of course, we all know who Trayvon was. He was the 17 year old who doubled back one Florida evening to "teach George Zimmerman a lesson" and ended up getting shot for his trouble.

The Democratic convention will be protected from the very large group of protesters that have been promised from the now defeated Bernie Sanders camp, by none other than the Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania State Police. Wouldn't it be fun if they were no more successful at protecting the Democrats at the convention, than the Democrat policies implemented in Washington have been at achieving their proposed goals?

The irony here is pretty rich. The people inside being protected from the angry mob that they themselves incited, by the very people they say are doing something wrong. Clearly this is a platform that will work very well for the future of America.

It's a war on competency folks.


chess said...

2 thoughts. The Philly police might not be so lenient with the protesters at the dem convention. They are not happy with the H over speakers and I agree.So there is the possibility that a lot of peeps might get a night in jail.

2nd. The way these so-called reporters will fawning over the H and her coven reminds me of a saying a friend used to say in med school.He would say that they will get so worked up that you will need a spatula to get them out of their chairs..He had a lot of the "Donald " in him

MikeCLT said...

Unfortunately, the media will run with this story of an autistic man and his caregiver who was shot by police. From the reports and video it doesn't sound like the shooting was justified. This will be the new narrative. Unless the cop was black.