Tuesday, July 5, 2016

- Rules Are For "Little People"

According to the FBI, Hillary is guilty but won't be prosecuted. While this result is unsurprising, it is disheartening. It's as if you can feel what used to be America, shaking apart at the seams. The FBI director quite literally said that if someone else does this, there will be consequences, but for Hillary there will not.

Personally I found the Benghazi facts more indictable on her part, but there wasn't any smoking gun at the time. Now we have that smoking gun and another big one. The FBI has all the evidence it needs, but is electing not to prosecute. I like to think of acts like this being a result of good intentions. But it's hard for me to find that in this. This is an obviously blatant political move on the part of the FBI and the director just said so on live TV. So what exactly do we make of that?

There is really only one conclusion. We are no longer a nation of laws. We rubes who pay the bills and cope with the consequences are no longer a free people. We suffer the whims of our rulers. And the only thing that matters to them is the acquisition of power at any cost.

The optics for this are terrible, and Hillary will be in a very bad spot electorally. But the fact that she isn't being booked right now means that the rest of us are in an even worse spot.

Americae consummata est.


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I agree with the FBI that prosecution would not be successful. However, that's not really their call to make.