Tuesday, July 5, 2016

- Something To Cheer You Up

A few years ago I offered my opinion on one of those "Batman vs Superman" debates of the gun world. The AR15 vs AK47 debate has raged hotly and continues to. My feeling was that because of it's increased effective range, lighter ammo, and overall 'Ferrari like" optimization of recoil, the AR15 was a superior weapon under anything but the most extreme circumstances. Little did I know, there was even more to it.

These guys gave both guns the 'mud test'. The results surprised me.

AR15 is the clear winner. Go figure.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

How about a flame spread test?


ikaika said...

that did cheer me up! almost as good as the NRO parody that Hell posted in the comments section of my post :) I like my saiga, but I am leery of that thing taking a mud-bath and coming out functional. The other fun torture tests are the Glock and H&K torture tests. They bury them in salt, freze them in a block of Ice, drop them from an airplane!