Tuesday, July 26, 2016

- Stupid Talk Around A Stupid Idea

I’m so sick of hearing the stupid talk swirling around the stupid Trump wall. Can we please talk just a little sense here? As an allegorical expression of political intent, the wall works just fine. As a symbol for Trump to express his determination to place American citizens first ahead of citizens of other nations, I like the wall. As a 30 foot high structure built of steel and stone, not so much. Go to google maps and have a look at the terrain around Big Bend national park in Texas, and you’ll realize that whatever the wall turns out to be, it isn’t going to be a line across the entire border of Mexico. But the big secret is, it doesn’t have to be.

One particularly imbecilic liberal I know said these exact words to me: “I’m pretty sure they have ladders in Mexico.” This is what passes for big thinking in Liberal circles. He followed up with a description of the prohibitive costs of trying to depart 100 billion gazillion people. This is as nonsensical as the comments about building a wall but with less virtue as political allegory. Just a bunch of misdirected noise that intentionally misses the whole point.

But if instead of indulging in intentional stupidity, we were to focus on a return to being a nation of laws instead of men (actually women) who interpret the laws with none but political means, the cost of deporting every single illegal immigrant in the US would be exactly zero. In fact, it would represent a big cost savings. Here’s how:

1. Make it illegal for any employer to hire illegal workers, punishable by a $100,000 fine per worker, and 6 months in prison for the hiring supervisor.
2. Impose a few million in fines and send a few supervisors to prison.
3. Require proof of citizenship in order to qualify for all social services except emergency medical care.
4. Require proof of citizenship to register for any public school.
I don’t care if 2/3 of the population of the contiguous 48 states is here illegally. Put these steps in place and the VAST majority of them will self deport. Presto – no more need for a wall. On the contrary, they’ll be fighting to get out.

You may call this harsh, and in fairness it is. But I’d like to remind you that not one single US citizen will be harmed in any way if these steps are put in place. Not one. Not one black American, not one Asian American, not one Latin American. A great many foreign nationals will be quite seriously inconvenienced, but they should have thought of that before they ditched out on their tourist visas and applied for welfare.

You may say this hurts the poor, and in fairness it does. But it doesn’t hurt our poor. On the contrary, I’m willing to bet that 3 months after these steps are put in place, the unemployment rate for young black Americans will drop precipitously.

Now one negative consequence of these rules will be an uptick in the violence of minority communities. Being denied a legal way to live off American Largess, a great many will turn to illegal means, and with that comes violence. But I’m confident it will be temporary, and easily restricted.

You may call this “RACIST!!!!!!!”, and if you do, I say go fuck yourself you little girl. I’ve written many times that I like Mexicans, and greatly admire their work ethic. Several of my closest friends are from Latin America, and my girlfriend is Chinese. It’s not racist to want to see rule of law returned to the United States, or to see its borders enforced. And we can’t very well ask our citizens to obey the law when we’re willing to suspend the laws for foreign nationals.

No one would be happier than me to see a great number of Mexicans applying for and receiving legal visas to enter the country and better their lives. Not only would I be happy about it, I’d be happy to be among the first to offer them legal employment. But if they are the kind of people who are willing to break the law to come here, then what other laws will they be willing to break? I don’t want those Mexicans.

Up to now, the whole ‘immigration issue’ has been an utter scam. A scam launched by Democrat politicians to stuff the voter rolls and give them electoral victories. It is quite literally nothing else. And in order to make it happen they have done great harm to the poorest Americans by importing millions of competitors for their jobs. They are fully prepared to destroy this country, and turn it into a third world cesspool in order to rule over the slime covered remains.

It’s not about the dreamers, or for the children. It’s about importing a class of easily ruled slaves.

The Trump wall is a silly stupid idea. Is he really going to build it? Who cares? What he should really do is put the incentives in place to get us the kind of foreigners we actually want, and to get rid of the ones we don’t. We don’t want La Raza types and Muslim extremists. We don’t want a new generation of Guatemalan welfare queens. We want people who believe the same things we do. We want people who want to be American, not turn America into what they came from.

We want the kind of immigrants that will embrace America and American ideals. The kind of immigrants who really will make America great again. People like that come in all colors, speak all languages, and are spread (albeit thinly) across every corner of the globe. Those are the people we really want. Not because they look like us, but because in all the ways that matter, they think like us.

This is a country built on an idea. That’s all you need to be an American. And people who think that way are the people we should be looking for. No one else.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


Year ago (I am trying to find it on a search) a small city in Jersey made it illegal for landlords to rent to illegals. Landlords had to check proof of legal residency or face huge fines.

The city emptied out of illegals right after the law was passed. However, the courts overturned the law.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...
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Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Found it!

The town that had the ban overturned was Hazelton, PA (not NJ). The town of Riverside NJ was planning on a similar ordinance, but tabled it due to court opposition and heat from groups like the ACLU. Even threatening a ban though had an effect:

On August 23, 2007, the Riverside Township Committee approved the first reading of a bill that would rescind the ordinance, citing a number of factors including the Hazleton ordinance’s defeat in federal court. On September 17, 2007, after the bill’s second reading, Riverside’s ordinance was nullified. From the ACLU:

"Although it was not implemented and was ultimately repealed, the ordinance had a profound impact on the town: one-third of Riverside’s immigrant population moved away, causing some businesses to close, while others saw sales decline by as much as 50 percent."