Tuesday, July 26, 2016

- There Ain't No Fixing Hillary

It’s actually turning out to be an interesting election. Not the shootings, or the protests, or the other things that make Journalists salivate and Democrats dampen their depends. I mean the character and experience of the two candidates. Both can be legitimately criticized, but they have to be criticized in totally different ways. The joke going around is that it’s a choice between a heart attack and cancer. But I’m suddenly more optimistic than that. That’s a dangerous thing I know, and in my day to day life I try to avoid it. But in the interest of salving my compatriots’ anxiety just a tad, let me tell you how I see it.

Trump knows very little about governing the world’s richest and most powerful nation. He doesn’t understand our laws, our current policies, or global finance anywhere near well enough to be able to make informed rational decisions. There are criticisms of his character as well, but I’ll be honest, I think that’s a pose. Without the cameras, and speaking to someone who has no intention of publicizing his words, there is a very real difference in his personality. He doesn’t know any more in private than he does at the podium, but he’s much more circumspect about it. The fact is, just like Obama, I don’t think the Trump you see on TV is the same man as the one who will potentially sit in the Whitehouse.

So for just a minute, let’s assume I’m right. Let’s just say that the Trump who speaks to non-journalists is very different than the one who is on TV, the radio, or being quoted in print. If that’s the case, much of the arguments against him from the neo-cons fall away pretty rapidly. He’s still been divorced a few times and had a chapter 11 or two etc, those things don’t vanish. And criticisms about them are things he has to live with. But in private I believe he's less carnival barker and more carnival owner. He’ll put on the stripey suit when he as to, but he’s just as content to sit in the tent and plan which town to stop in next or whether to have the jugglers or lion tamer as the warmup to the high wire act.

If that’s so, then Trump’s problem that he needs to solve in order to be good at his new potential job is eminently solvable – especially with his resources. His problem is essentially one of information. If you have someone who knows how to think, then factual information is really the only thing required in order to teach him what to think. And I think there is reason for confidence there. Trump's experience in the private sector is wildly different than one in government or academia. In the private sector, if you fail you pay for it, where everywhere else, if you fail, someone else does. That single fact alone put’s Trump ahead of many in Washington and the left when it comes to sorting out ‘the right thing to do’. It may seem small to those of us who earn our livings, but if he can do nothing else but identify the right thing, then he may be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Hillary is a different story entirely. She has spent her entire life letting others take the fall for her errors. In fact in many well documented ways, she’s taken a lack of personal accountability to an entirely new level. Ask her about her failures and she’ll tell you it was this person’s fault or that one’s. She sees no connection between her decision making and the egg on her face. She hasn’t driven herself in decades, but if she had, then she's the kind of person who would see any accident of hers as the brick wall’s fault for swerving into the street, and very much not the other way around.

In a way, you can’t blame her for this. She is a woman who was raised during the height of second wave feminism with all its paranoia about glass ceilings and the imaginary collusion of men. She quite literally believes that she lacks any personal agency whatsoever, and would sooner burn America to the ground than take responsibly for the spark that lit the fire. It’s like this with all feminists of her age. But the thing that Feminism really gave women of Hillary’s ilk is an incredibly persuasive justification for enormous self-delusion with regard to their own value. Hillary believes she really is better at doing what she does than almost anyone, and the only thing that has ever held her back was the machinations of others who are as brazenly power starved as she is.

Her obvious cynicism is a product of her emotional projection. She truly believes in ‘right wing conspiracies’ because she’s hatched a few of her own from the left. It has never occurred to her that she isn’t smarter, more fluent, more clever, and in all ways ‘better’ than the competition, even if the long personal history and professional track record she’s produced say otherwise. She has destroyed lives so naturally she imagines others out there trying to do the same to her. She is the living manifestation of the solipsistic failure of the philosophy of Feminism, taken to its ultimate extreme.

She has complete and utter contempt for her supporters, and opponents alike. She sees them as dolts who will believe anything she tells them to so long as the messaging is properly formed. And it is totally and utterly beyond her comprehension why any right thinking person wouldn’t see her as the right person to rule America, because she is so certain of it herself. She’s a walking, coughing poster child of the bitter and angry militant feminist who won’t rest until she sees the world as it is reshaped in the image she wants, and the image she wants is with her at the top of the pyramid.

This… she is totally and utterly convinced … is her personal manifest destiny. And Fuck all those idiots who disagree. If she could do it without effecting the Electoral College, she’d happily load them all onto boxcars and ship them off to camps.

Not only should a woman like Hillary not be President, she shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Where Trump knows ‘how’ to think but lacks the information he needs, she has had mountains of information, but doesn’t know how to process it in a way that will produce a positive outcome. Every single solution she would craft would make the world a worse place, but would both make her feel good about herself, and increase her power – which in point of fact is probably exactly the same thing. She is the embodiment of delusional Feminism in a Mao collared pantsuit, and a living example of avarice given human form.

Her main weakness is that she doesn’t hide it any better than your average woman. And the people, though not geniuses, are not nearly as stupid as Hillary believes them to be. They see what she is. And the people who support her are going to dwindle. The more we get to know the media’s latest reboot of her image, the more America will come to despise her. Because changing her image doesn’t change her. And we already know who and what she is.

To be clear, I don't know if Hillary is an actual lesbian and I don't care. She acts just as crazy as one, and that's more than enough for me. All that's missing is the boot camp haircut and boots. We call those Feminists 'man hating' which they surely are. But Hillary doesn't just hate men, she hates everyone who stands in the way of her and her ultimate goal - unrestricted power.

Obama was our first Female president. Hillary can only ever be our first ‘angry militant feminist president’, replete with all the bad fashion sense, weight problems and serious mental illness that are so common among that group. She’s an angry, vengeful, Eleanor Roosevelt without the hat. And a woman who is so delusional about herself, the world, and the people around her, will never ever be able to get herself elected President. I don’t know what she’s going to do or say to screw it up, but because she lacks the ability to think clearly about anything, she is certainly going to mess up something.

Trump may be under informed, but he can fix that. But there ain’t no fixing what’s wrong with Hillary.


MikeCLT said...

Great post. Hillary has achieved positions (thanks to her celebrity of being married to a successful president) but she does not have any significant achievements while in those positions. As First Lady she royally screwed up health care reform. As Senator from NY she has no significant legislative accomplishments. As Secretary of State she made things worse in the two areas she targeted her efforts, Russia and the Middle East. This would seem to indicate a faulty thinking process as Tom has posted.

chess said...

I was raised by a rock of a mother. My father was paranoid schizoid not schizophrenic but i inherited his reclusive nature.He was a strange duck. I am my father with a brain. One day when I was about 12 I was pissing and moaning about something gone wrong in my life and he walked me into the bathroom and taught me my biggest life lesson. He said look in the mirror and tell me who you see.I said myself. He said about 95% plus of all the bad shit that happens to you in your life stats with that person in the mirror.So when something sucks or goes wrong start with the mirror. I have very few friends but all of them start with the mirror.It is a high water mark for me toaccept them as a friend.
The H suffers from Prosopagnosia. I saw it once on a rotation..She and her cohorts look in the mirror and dont recognize anyone thus they are not to blame.

chess said...

tom if you get this in review. take that down ill explain someday