Thursday, July 14, 2016

- Why BLM Has To Fail

Here's the thing... For the last 8 years in particular, and the last 50 years in general, Liberalism has been dedicated to smashing the standards of social acceptability that were responsible for building all of western civilization. Those standards weren't a result of hate and racism like the left says, but of an organic growth of society over the centuries where social mores that led to success were reinforced, and those that led to failure were rejected. But for a generation and a half, the left's goal has been to smash society's unwritten rules about normalcy and acceptability, through the force of law and the might of an overarching, intrusive, and nearly all powerful state.

BLM is arguing for a further weakening of those standards. They are demanding that violent and criminal behavior be ostensibly condoned, by making it impossible for those we've charged with enforcing our laws against such savagery, to do their jobs if a black suspect is involved. If they achieve their goals, crime in black communities will get worse not better, and our ability to keep it from spilling over into less violent communities will be hampered in very real ways.

This is the final 'rock and hard place' debate of the west. Either the "Black Lives Matter" movement has to fail, or western civilization has to. That's not about hate, or any passion at all. It's about the behavior we require from free citizens living in a free society, and the responsibility we have to one another to offer some limited protection from violence. The facts support none of the BLM claims. And we can't afford to let this last pillar of society be destroyed by the solipsism of the left.

Their unsupported feelings of persecution simply cannot be allowed to matter in this debate more than the facts on the ground.


MikeCLT said...

I absolutely agree. Similarly, when various members of the Obama coalition attacked Trump supporters seeking to attend a political rally and the police did nothing, and the media said nothing, I resolved to vote for Trump no matter what.

If the Left is able to get away with political violence then we can expect much more of it going forward. If the Left can excuse its members' everyday criminality we can expect more of it in our every day lives.

chess said...

I think that horse is already out of the barn.. Hurts me to say it but it is what I believe.It is going to get worse. I never married nor reproduced so it is just me ..I would lay down my life for a few friends and their girls. Otherwise stay off my 5 acres..Somewhere in this bizzaro world whistling at a pretty women will now be a hate crime because it borders on misogyny??????. And i wonder why i need a Japanese sex doll!!!!!!

Muzzlethemuz said...

As is the case tonight, like so many nights in the last few weeks as I contribute to this blog, scores of people have been murdered by a follower(s) of Mohamed in France, RFNJ hits it out of the park with another dead-on critique of a SJW movement and freedom hangs in the balance as a power-obsessed mad woman clambers to be relevant in the face of her incalculable peccadillos.
Tom, thanks for the nod in the previous entry.
P.S. I broke down last week, backed off the S&W and picked up a G23. It's getting too sketchy out there and the 360 PD, and 686 1. Don't carry enough rounds and 2. Would have forced me to deal with the logistics of providing for a new calibre. And I just love the .40. It does it all while remaining (temporarily) affordable in price and available in quantity. And yes, I special ordered the Meprolights. Next purchase: a matching die set and probably a Viridian light. Chuh-ching.