Thursday, July 14, 2016

-Why Hillary Clinton Cannot Win

The Lefty-Media cannot admit it. Bob Woodward has a very difficult way of getting around the truth. No, it's not her vocal modulations as much as it is her voice! That grating voice! If the antagonist in Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" was completely freaked-out by the old man and his "vulture eye", a modern day Poe would no doubt be inspired by the grating voice of Hillary. All the lib media is trying to dance around her horrifying voice by saying it's a volume modulation problem... No - It's  a Personality Problem! She can't control her voice, her cadence and timbre because she is impossibly wretched. Forget about the movie "The Kings Speech".  I think a voice coach would be the one cursing vehemently if he had to endure this!
She sounds like this:

Who wants to hear the wretched tones of a nagging mother-in-law for four years?!?!?
You've heard of the Red Pepper Challenge, The Ice Water Challenge... well I've dreamed up the "Hillary Clinton Challenge".
I was going to email Anthony Cumia or Gavin McInnes to see if they would broadcast the "Hillary Clinton Challenge".

The rules: You take a normal red-blooded American Male and hook them up to a blood-pressure monitor and any other gizmo. You strap them to a chair and lock the door and force the guy to listen to a Hillary Clinton speech for the duration in surround-sound at an unreasonable volume.

If you can sit through the speech without a significant increase in blood pressure, you may be a Hillary Supporter. However, very few people (even some women) find it very difficult to listen to her for prolonged periods without injury. I think the results would be telling and perhaps an alternative to water-boarding.

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Muzzlethemuz said...

Been waiting to see something like this in print for a long time and was thinking I was the only one. Fantastic. Thanks.