Wednesday, August 17, 2016

- Black People And Guns

I spoke to an old friend today - a guy who I go all the way back to JPMorgan with, and who worked with me during my time at Tudor Investments. He's a gun guy too - and has been involved in some of our hunting and shooting events in the past. But he's a much less political guy than many of my friends, and is therefore a pretty good barometer of a more 'normal' voter.

Anyway, he mentioned that he heard Trump's speech last night and he didn't sound crazy at all. He called particular attention to Trump's talk that for every one of the protesters, there were 100 law abiding people in the black community who don't feel safe (this is my buddy paraphrasing) and that since Hillary takes the black vote for granted, she'll do nothing to protect those people from crime.

This is all dead on in my opinion. The violent portions of the black community get a lot of press. But the vast majority of crime in the black community, and virtually all of the violent crime, is committed by young black men - a tiny minority. This is why I have always hoped that the NRA would do some outreach for the black community. Those law abiding people deserve as much protection as anyone else and have the same right to defend themselves as I do.

Turns out, Trump feels exactly the same way.


MikeCLT said...

I hope Trump makes a real effort to court the Black vote. I think his message of limited immigration and better trade deals would appeal to Blacks as much as working class whites. He would be more successful than Mitt and his tax cuts.

What I would really like to see Trump do is hang Baltimore, Chicago, Newark etc., and every other dysfunctional Democrat run city around Hillary's neck. I would like him to blame the Democrats for the failing schools, lousy housing and overall lousy government services these cities deliver, not just focus on law and order. Take the issue on like he did with the Democrats' "War on Women" attack by calling Bill Clinton out for being a sexual predator.

I may not like Trump but at least the man fights back.

Muzzlethemuz said...

If you Google "Ice T on guns," you will inevitably hit a trove of videos showing Ice turning liberal talking heads red with his defiant defense on the right of the People to bear arms. Ice's views could be construed as a spin of off BLM but I think he's beyond that. I think he gets it. You can see the interviewers going apoplectic when this most cherished of "amulets" runs liberal dogma into the ground. The NRA needs to have been reaching out to Ice for like, ever.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

For the GOP, courting the Black vote has been not much more than pandering.. pretending to be Democratic-light. i.e. We don't stuff you in a housing project but here.. have a Section 8 voucher. All that was accomplished was repainting the walls of Hell to a brighter, friendlier color.... but blacks are still in Hell.

The only method I see working (in a VERY limited way) would Trump or someone else going into 'Messiah Mode': Preaching "Has anything that was done to you for the past 50 plus years actually made your lives better? In particular, for black men.. can you defend the government run matriarchy that is black America when so many black men are in prison or have so little in economic worth?"

There are few black guys trying that approach(Tommy Sotomayor as an example)and I think would lend support to Trump if he attempted to Moses like, lead black America off the victimhood plantation. It wouldn't attract great numbers of black men and almost no black women, at least at first. The welfare state has a grip like that of a neodymium-iron magnet on people, especially after four or more generations in the system. However, if 10% or 15% of the black vote went to Trump, it might be enough to swing states like PA in Trumps direction.

Tom said...

Interesting HILN. Very thoughtful. I wonder if any frequent readers with a louder megaphone (rhymes with Sherbyshire) might be thinking along those lines.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Pastor Manning is another. The difference between a Manning or a Sotomayor as compared to a Thomas Sowell, the latter speaks mostly to us white guys. If you listen to a Manning sermon or a Sotomayor pod cast, he is speaking to blacks (in particular black men) in a language that resonates with that culture.

I have a hypothesis that if a leader would speak to black men as men, doesn't sugar coat why their lives are so damn hopeless, and stands his ground against the hell fire that will be thrown his way in response, will gain a following.

This is a link to Gavin McInnes interviewing Pastor Manning.