Monday, August 8, 2016

- Celebrating Failure: Part 2

I'm sick of hearing how bad Trump is for conservatism. Everywhere I look I read Trump delusional fanboys who think he's going to save the world or Trump critics that suffer from a different kind of delusion - the delusion that it's somehow all Trump's fault.

What did Trump do exactly that he hasn't been doing for the last 2 decades? Every 4 years for as long as I can remember, Trump would reliably show up on CNBC and announce that he was considering running for President. No one took him seriously except the Squawk Box staff who thought it would make good press. Everyone else greeted it with a "Yeah sure you are Donald". So what changed this time?

The way it looks to me, Conservatism Inc failed. They failed their supporters. They failed the country. The politico's of the right will tell you that it was over promising and under-delivering, but Donald Trump had nothing to do with that. Obamacare was enacted under dubiously legal methods. The borders were thrown open and the laws, byzantine and confusing as they are, were no longer enforced. Not only were the purse strings never tightened on the executive branch, the congress hasn't even managed to pass an actual budget in over a decade. Instead they put legislation in place so that they didn't have to take the political risk of actually doing so. Donald Trump didn't do that to the Republican party or conservatism.

Meanwhile the left's culture war raged on. White became "racist", male became "rapist", and cop became "murderer". Victim of white male oppression became our loftiest virtue. The right stood by and watched it all happen. In response they nominated a political placeholder and a meek and mild business executive to lead the party. When the left came a bludgeoning them with the same old tired ideas they've been shouting since the sixties, newly invigorated with the purposefulness of youth and emboldened by the Obama justice department, they folded like a house of cards. when you wilt like day old flowers under the slightest complaint from the social justice left, it's hardly the fault of the guy who picks up the baton and runs with it, no matter which direction he runs. And if you don't care about your own principles why the hell should anyone else?

So I'm sick of hearing it. I'm sick of hearing how Trump is the worst thing to happen to the right since McCarthy. Even if he is the next step in the road to serfdom, you're the ones who created the vacuum that he stepped into. Your weakness and risk aversion is what opened the door to him. Your unwillingness to make your arguments is the environment that led to Trump. It's your failure boys. You did it. You failed to persuade anyone that your ideas were worth defending. You failed to convince people that they should care about their liberty. You. Not me. Not Trump. You. It's all 100% on you.

The truth is, I'm more disgusted by the continued denial than I am the failure. People fail, I get that. But unless you own it and decide to change, you'll never improve. You took the safe political route and now you're paying for it. If Trump is able to take down the whole party line and finally usher in the permanent liberal majority that the left has always hoped for, it's your fault not his. He may be the last straw, but it's your goddamned camel.

It's time for you all to quit whining and actually do something productive. Take what lessons you can from Trump's approach. Find a way to persuade his people. He's no more craven than Obama, and considerably more honest than Hillary. Content yourself with half a loaf of stale bread, because there is no other loaf available. If you want to survive, you eat what the world offers. And if you can't manage that, then at least you can shut up about it and spare the rest of us.


chess said...

Well said...Mitch and John John and Orin and Karl Rove are not look in the mirror people. They dont see who is really to blame. In a previous post I said it would take 15 coughing spell to level playing field. It might just be getting leveled........

MikeCLT said...

Hear, hear sir!