Tuesday, August 16, 2016

- Conservative "Willful Ignorance"

In the corner today, discussing the merits of voting for Trump to preserve the Supreme Court, John Yoo wrote the following:

"When the history of age is written 100 years from now, we don’t want scholars to say: Trump pulled the U.S. out of NATO, ended the NAFTA and WTO free trade agreements, and withdrew our troops from Korea, Japan, and the Middle East. But he kept the Supreme Court 5–4!"

I find the willful ignorance here a little appalling. It fills me with the urge to say "Sell it to the undergrads teach." John Yoo should know damned well that just because Trump raises an issue doesn't mean that he's withdrawing our troops, disbanding NATO, declaring Christmas illegal etc.

The best thing about the Trump candidacy is that he's willing to call out our friends who have not been acting very friendly, and talk about things that are considered too dangerous to talk about inside the beltway. What this is really about, is negotiation. There is more than one way to make a deal with someone, especially if that someone needs you WAY more than you need them. It doesn't have to start from a position of bowing as low as possible and groveling, as team Obama always seems to want to do.

Why can't we talk about Nuclear weapons? Why can't we make it clear that if it ever comes to it, we can be as brutal to our enemies as our enemies can be to us? As we know from the ceaseless ranting of DC insiders, talking about it is better than doing it. and I'd very much prefer to have someone arguing my side that is willing to put the world back on it's heels a little in our friendly chats, than the constant humiliating scraping that Obama has done for a decade and change.

Trump will be trying to make a deal. That's all anyone knows. The only thing this makes me wish for is that Trump could defend himself with the same fluency that Reagan did when the intelligentsia reacted to his evil empire talk, the same way the left (and much of the right) are reacting to Trump right now. It also makes me with the right still had the self confidence to be on his side when he does.

Sadly, this seems to not be the case.


chess said...

Wishing and hoping is for turning frogs into princes...

Is Pence still alive? Should have taken Newt

chess said...

Finally... Manafort out.. Jesus!