Monday, August 22, 2016

- If A Candidate Falls In The Forest...

To readers here, the only thing shocking about this piece is that it appeared in a major daily newspaper, and was written by a journalist.

So if a Presidential candidate falls in the forest, and no one ever tells anyone about it, did it really happen? But that's not really bias. Well, it is, it's just not all of the bias we have to learn to filter in modern America. The real bias is in the base assumptions. The real bias is not only about never telling the other side of the story, but never even entertaining it as an option. And but for the author of the piece above, I'm convinced it applies to 100% (not 99%) of mainstream journalists.

Mainstream Journalism has staked an anti-American position. They're wedded to it. And their readership knows it - even those who agree with them. They apparently even know it themselves. So if no one is fooled (and its becoming increasingly clear that no one is), why go on with the charade? The goal of the piece linked above is obviously to shame some of the more respectable journalists into ending their obvious hypocrisy. But that's not going to work. In order to choose journalism as a career you are the kind of person who is never shamed. You aren't ashamed of your laziness, or your thoughtlessness, or your partisanship. you aren't ashamed of your open contempt for your readers. If you were, you'd choose a different line of work. So I don't think anything will come of this. the media will continue to shamelessly promote Trump as the worst thing to happen to America since the flu-pandemic, and Hillary as galloping in on a white unicorn to save the day.

I'm much more puzzled by National Review and Kevin Williamson though. They don't like Trump. Fair enough. Who does? But a week or so ago Kevin wrote what was obviously a slanted hit piece about Trump's tax plan. It was all negative spin, and could have easily been produced by the New York Times. He seemed totally unable to separate the message from the messenger, and not because of issues like credibility. It was an out and out attack on the plan, plus the usual diatribe about the man.

Jonah Goldberg I think has been much more even handed without contradicting his personal views. Victor Davis Hanson has been down right centrist in my view, and more than fair. A few other guest writers have done the same. But for the most part it seems like they're circling their wagons to me. It seems like a desperate and deeply emotional attack on the idea of Trump at least as much as it is an attack on the man and his message.

The result is that I don't think I have anything useful to learn about Trump from a Kevin Williamson piece. and I know many others are feeling the same way lately. There is nothing wrong with disagreement on the right (god knows) but they've made their view known, and should now change their direction a little, or this election will cost them more than just reader count.

I don't think people on the right don't just want their opinions validated, but that seems to be what the NeverTrump movement has become. And NR is their echo chamber.

Move on boys. You don't have to support Trump, but the endless diatribes aren't helping you, and I no longer think they're hurting him.


MikeCLT said...

A good example of this is the treatment by the media of Bush and Obama regarding Katrina and the LA flooding. Basically, for not visiting Bush was incompetent and a racist. But Obama has better things to do and would just get in the way. Indeed any criticism of Obama is itself racist.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Its not just National Review. I drove up to New England to visit my parents over the weekend. While there, I witnessed by Dad angrily throw down an issues of The Weekly Standard that he had been readings.

He exclaimed he was fed out reading another anti-Trump piece. My Dad was never a Trump supporter, but has grown tired at the volume of attacks on him. This man has been a subscriber to both NR and WS for many, many years. I think he is at the point of letting both subscription expire when they come up for renewal.