Monday, August 15, 2016

- An Important Milestone

For the very first time ever this morning, I clicked over to National Review and saw absolutely nothing I was interested in reading. Another Kevin Williamson "Trump is Awful" diatribe? No thanks. Republican insider finger pointing about ISIS? Been there. A "Sean Hannity is a stupid-face" rant from Jonah Goldberg? Please.

I know the folks on Lexington ave are spending a lot of time worrying about how the right has been abandoned by the voters, but from here, for the the first time ever, it's looking more and more like a mutual breakup.


MikeCLT said...

Agreed. There has been very little at NR the past few years to keep me coning back. KW was one of the exceptions. Except when he goes on his anti-Trump rants. The idea that Ted Cruz would beat Hillary, in votes not a debate, is so unrealistic as to border on delusional. Trump beat Cruz one on one when it was just the two of them. Not one of them has asked why this buffoon kicked the asses of all the candidates who championed the things they advocated.

Another case in point is Jonah Goldberg. In his Gfile today he states "Peggy Noonan (on the odd-numbered weeks when she doesn’t like Trump)." How clueless is he? Her columns have mostly alternated between criticizing Trump but expressing sympathy for his supporters one week and then the next week bashing the GOP and Conservatism Inc. for their continuing failure to recognize the issues these voters care about.

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The NR website has looked like a used car lot with all the pop ups and ads for a long time. Almost like they were trying to drain the last drops of blood from a desiccated corpse. As you say, they and the voters are separating.

Tom said...

It's a little ironic though Mike that you read the pieces and then said they weren't worth reading. I only commented on the headlines.

Which is fine. I indulge myself in thinking that I'm still on friendly terms with some of those guys - except where otherwise specifically told. To me it seems more like a waste of real intellectual talent. Instead of educating another generation on the virtues of their position, they now assume it as a given, and call anyone who doesn't agree with them 'idiots'.

It's a strategy. One that has been employed successfully by the left for 2 generations at least - so who am I to judge? But I don't have time for it myself.

MikeCLT said...

Guilty as charged. In the case of KW: Old habits die hard! In the case of JG: I should know better by now.

C.J. Brown said...

Oh man, I know that feeling. It is unpleasant. I divorced myself from NR when they fired the Derb. It was painful, because I'd gotten so much great knowledge from them over the years; and KW, Jonah, and VDH do still provide good content. But, had to be done.