Thursday, August 4, 2016

- Listening To Losers: An Addendum

I find myself persuade by the arguments offered below. The fact is, the political right in the form of 'kindler, gentler conservatism' opened the door to too many ideological attacks, and consistently lost elections and policy arguments. Meanwhile the left played the long game and struggled mightily and with little resistance, to changing the character of the country with immigration. They indoctrinated a generation or two of college students, carefully training them to avoid thinking wherever possible, and to concentrate on feeling. With only a 'kindler, gentler' pushback, our society has spun out of control.

Trump isn't a good candidate, or in my opinion a particularly good businessman. But he still won the primary because he is good at image management. His 'un-kind and un-gentle' message resonated with a large portion of the electorate. Where everyone else on the right is struggling to be a better mom, Trump is saying 'screw that' and being the dad. (I don't mean this in the slightly creepy gay Milo way, I'm just talking about messaging tone here.) Whether our country is looking for that or not remains to be seen. The media doesn't want it. The NeverTrump team doesn't want it. But they don't get to decide on their own.

The election will be on turnout. this is a center right country and Hillary needs the black vote to turn in big numbers for her. Everywhere I've been able to find it, the polls seem to simply be assuming a new level of black engagement in politics, but there is simply no way Hillary will get the same enthusiasm from blacks that Obama did. Meanwhile, intelligent people I know argue (persuasively in my opinion) that it will be easier to vote for Trump than to admit voting for Trump. If that's true, then this might not be simply another case of me 'hoping' the polls are wrong in some way, exactly like I did in the last two presidential elections.

There is one thing I think we can count on from Trump. There will be a counter-punch. And so long as Trump has someone somewhere who is willing to treat him like he's that actual candidate of one of our two major parties, people are going to hear it. The fat lady isn't singing yet, even if a lot of people want her to be.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

My concern is that Trump will be assassinated before the election. There are elements in the Left that if they think Trump will bring an end to the gravy train (affirmative action, disparate impact, and other sacred cows of the SJW types) I do not have a doubt that some of them will try to make Trump 'go away' in the most bloody way possible.

I hope the Secret Service detail Trump has is top notch.

chess said...

Turnout will be the only hope.But he can not stop alienating those that could help. His comment on Bernie caving to the left was true but it could be considered a slap. Do not shit on the hand that is giving you a gift. An old professor in anesthesia once told me there are times you should put both thumbs up your ass and set down. The best thing sometimes is to do nothing and pay attention. That is what I would tell Trump.