Monday, August 15, 2016

- The Narrative Didn't Have Time To Collapse

Pictured above is the gentle innocent soul who was killed by the Milwaukee police, setting off the rioting that now includes a response from Scott Walker's National Guard units. (click pic for the story). He's quite obviously another 'honor student/basketball star' whose short life was unjustly brought to an end for simply pointing a semi-automatic pistol at a policeman. What is the world coming to?

Faced with this obvious injustice, the brave and thoughtful citizens of Milwaukee's black community rallied and decided that 'beating some white people' was the only available option for deriving justice. A set of decisions made even trickier by the fact that the cop who shot this future paragon of the black community, was actually black. I would argue that this young man looks even more like President Obama's son than Trayvon Martin, but opinions no doubt will differ.

This isn't even an example of narrative collapse, because the narrative was torn down before it even got started. But in America these days, a significant portion of the citizenry (a portion that includes 100% of all journalists) are no longer worried by facts. Your pesky facts are irrelevant with there is a victim group that's out for blood.


A friend sent me an email on this a few seconds after I hit 'publish' with the subject line "learning experiences are a good thing'. It seems the local news crews had to pull their staff from the riots because at least one of them received a pretty serious beating from the mob. Personally I'm dubious that this will manifest a 'learning experience'. True believers aren't much prone to learning. A racially motivated mob of blacks could burn the NYTimes building to the ground while chanting 'kill whitey' and the headline the next day will no doubt blame it on Donald Trump, and accuse him of creating an environment of hate.


chess said...

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TheRob625 said...

A bit off-topic, but whoever took that picture is lucky to be still alive. The young man holding the gun has got his finger on the trigger - violating one of the basic tenets of gun safety - while the gun itself has what looks like a round nosed flat point round in the chamber.

Tom said...

Not to stand up for the kid, but that's just a selfie Rob. The only one at risk was probably his cell phone.