Monday, August 22, 2016

- A Nation Wide Sex Strike

This looks like a fun delusion. A Hollywood film called "Is That a Gun In Your Pocket" tells the tale of a small Texas town where all the women go on a sex strike until the men all agree to disarm. I won't bother relating the flaws in this logic, you can get that anywhere. I was thinking a little outside the box on this one.

First, I don't know a single woman who could ever possibly hope to 'not have sex' if sex was available to her in a socially acceptable way. She might not want to have sex with her husband, but if she is sure no one will find out, she'll be having sex with someone. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of women who are not having sex right now, but that is VERY much not by choice. Either they don't have any running offers (or they don't have any they find appealing) or they cannot excuse the things they'd have to do to get it, in their own consciences.

Second, as much as they are all about collective decision making and "pulling together" to get something done, they are also far FAR more backbiting and deceptive than men. They'll cheer the idea of a mass sex strike, then slip out the back and have a fling with the other girl's man who they saw cleaning the pool one day and couldn't get out of their mind. "Well that doesn't count!" they'd say as they're pulling up their panties. Women are amazing at rationalizing away their guilt - especially when it comes to sleeping around.

Third, all it would take is one bad guy in town - one guy who is willing to victimize the newly disarmed men, and half the women will demand that the men re-arm themselves, and the other half will throw themselves at the bad guy. I had an ex-girlfriend when I was very young, who used to say that the easiest way to avoid a rape is to say yes. Girls lose their minds over bad boys - so much so that "treat em like dirt and they stick like mud" has become a common phrase among young men in New York City.

Personally, I'd love to see the women of America call a nationwide 'sex strike'. That would be huge fun for me because as a matter of coincidence, a significant portion of my friends all have very good looking wives. No... I'm just kidding, I'd never sleep with the wife of a friend. (Wait... did I say never?) But all you guys with less reliable friends should worry. It will be nothing but an opportunity for the guys who seem to be getting all the chicas already.

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