Friday, August 26, 2016

-The Other Third Rail...

Well, it didn't take long, but she did it.
People used to say that the Second Amendment was the "third-rail" of political suicide. Hillary has touched or "teched" as in "teched in the head" on the "other third rail" of political suicide... The Conspiracy Theory.
I'm no fan of Alex Jones, but he deserves whatever traffic he can harvest from this.
Prior to Hillary declaring that the Alt-Right was a dark conspiracy launched from Putin's living room, she had been leading in the polls. She even had the press (like Bloomberg and CNN) carrying her water.
Come Thursday, she made a big hulabaloo about her new speech on the Alt-Right. She used the opportunity to insult over 51% of the population of Great Britain and possibly insult a similar ratio of Americans. Now the media is running far away from her hysterical attack and have literally dropped the standards on the battle field. "What... Alt-Right? Nope, never heard of it".
It was reminiscent of Hitler's rants against the Plutocrats.
An interesting gambit since it was an absurd baseless attack from a woman that has no record to run on.
By the way, the poster child of the alt-right is said to be identified as "Pepe". Hillary's rally's have garnered such low attendance that "alt-righters" may have inserted themselves to pull their own "BABABOOEY" moments, ala PEPE! Click on the youtube above and you'll hear it!

I didn't know what "Pepe" was until I and several million other people had to search it. The Pearl Clutching Media has gone over the edge!

Game, set, and ,match.


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