Tuesday, August 23, 2016

- Tomorrow's History Today

With the future as uncertain as ever, Victor Davis Hanson has turned his historian's eye to the facts on the ground and crafted a worthwhile missive describing the potential consequences. Few things to come out of National Review have been so worthy your time, and none lately have met that standard. but this one is a 'don't miss'.


chess said...

Wow!!!! I told him to get rid of Manafort.Done . I wanted Newt but Pence is ok if you give him some more room to run. He needs to be heard as a balance off of Trump. Pence needs to be seen as a quiet calming influence and a man that staked his political chips on this ticket . Would that man throw away higher aspirations if he thought Trump was a maniacal idiot? NO. Time to release the Pence hounds.

chess said...

And i will add to keep an eye on her right arm/hand especially when she is tired or stressed. In the Drudge photo she seems to be holding down that right hand. ?Tremor? Could be nothing. I would watch to see her shaking hands with supporters or grasping something like a drink of water .. Could be a Bob Dole moment or could be nothing at all.
It is still hers to lose..

Muzzlethemuz said...

Hanson destroys it.