Wednesday, August 3, 2016

-When Losers Demand Their Advice To Be Heard

Well, it didn't take too long for this to happen, but Trump (who has been leading in the polls) has been the subject of a full blown attack from the in the tank media and the RINO's. It begins with the feigned outrage over poorly chosen Khan statements. Now Hillary, gets a pass for deriding anyone that laments the loss of their child on her watch. The press has gone "all-in" and with a sitting president leading the charge. Heck, even Obama lamented that Trump should be more like Romney and McCain, probably because they were flounders that he rolled without either of them fighting back.
The press has been doing their hack job by publishing nude Melania photos (as if that was a bad thing) to Joe Scarborough suggesting that Trump may be throwing it for Hillary.
Othe political commentators on the right, especially the ones that have firmly declared NEVERTRUMP! are also giving their advice and lamenting the recent events.
Its bizarrro world!
First of all we know what Joe Scarborough, McCain, Romney, Meg Whitman, Glen Beck, and a cavalcade of other NEVERTRUMPers have in common: They are all losers.
The losers are miserable and need company. Every bit of the RINO-right has squealed that Trump needs to apologize, Trump needs to grovel, Trump needs to rehab etc... But this is losing advice. Trump continues to go after the press, but not n a Nixon kind of way, but continues to jab at them. The press completely unloaded as if on cue from Obama. A laughable tweet was that voice of credibility John "I swear I didn't get caught cheating" Harwood from CNBC. John pulled the old Dan Rather trick, "I know a guy, who knows a guy, that says Trump's campaign is in disarray"
Unfortunately, John can't reveal his sources, but he needs his "in the tank for Hillary" merit badge.
CNBC has been running a tired story about how Wall St is not supporting Trump... Well, Duh?
All of this negative news is supposed to turn-off enough Trump supporters to either keep them from voting or have them jump ship for another candidate or like Phony Republican Meg Whitman: Vote for Hillary!
I'll be interested to see the polls. Early in the campaign Trump bragged that he could withstand a barrage of negative news and even suggested (like the show-biz adage) there's no such thing as bad news. I'll fall back on my Howard Stern theory that Trump is getting so much attention, that even the people that can't stand him are lapping it all up! How'd that work out for Howard Stern?
I'll go another step and suggest that Hillary doesn't get a good poll bump because she is not the center of attention. I almost believe that Trump says outrageous things to grab the spotlight. Its working.
By the end of August, the Media will be all out of poop to fling and come the first debate, after its all out there, it will be interesting to see if Trump goes all-out and throttles Hillary in the debates and in the ad campaigns. I was never a big Trump fan, but I will not doubt his abilities in handling adversarial and very public contests. It is almost staged like Ali pulling a rope-a-dope...
In the mean-time we will continue to hear the NEVERTRMPers lament with the chorus of losers.
It will be disappointing though if Trump decides to follow the loser advice. Forget the Olympics, bring on the Debates!


chess said...

It is over...The tide has gone out and Trump is as naked as his wife's pictures..This will not be the electoral landslide of a Reagan but it will not be close. I said it before and now am more sure it is the H's to lose .
You will not see another republican president in your lifetime unless will go back into the crapper like 08.. Then it wont matter. TOAST

p.s. stop the God dam tweeting !!!

Tom said...

Events... gentlemen. Events. A Latino illegal rapes a little girl in Kansas, ISIS blows up an emergency room in Michigan, WIKILEAKS releases even MORE incriminating emails about Hillary, and Trump comes soaring back. Obviously I wish for neither of those things, but I have long ago come to expect things I don't like. And the current stream of events favors Trump.

Very few people believe the media anymore, and those that do believe it only because it reinforces the narrative they've already chosen so they were already in the tank for Hillary. I'd hold off on calling the patient dead just yet.

I don't want to overstate this, there is an obvious onslaught going on and I'm not optimistic about it's effect. But this is a deeply ideological campaign, and I don't think the NYTimes holds the sway it once did. I know exactly one person who believes he gets accurate information from the times, and he's a shipwreck Democrat.

There is no fat lady singing just yet.

MikeCLT said...

Reluctantly agree with Chess. The news media, GOP establishment, Dem establishment, corporate America, and the entertainment industry are all aligned against Trump. The news media is even attributing quotes to Trump that he never even said. I am not sure he can overcome all that. Voters get their information from these sources. Unless they are hearing Trump at his rallies, they have no access to to contrary information.

Not that Trump hasn't inflicted a lot of this on himself. He constantly gives his enemies the sword to pierce him.

Goodbye to the liberties guaranteed by first and second amendments as historically understood.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Watch the Paul Ryan primary. If Ryan gets 'Cantored', it will bode well for Trump as it means people who don't normally vote are going to do so... and they will be voting for Trump.

I sent some cash to Nehlen's campaign in the hope that Ryan gets tossed next week. Knowing the RINO playbook though, he may just run as an independent or write-in just to act as a spoiler.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

MikeCLT: I am actually positive about Trump winning. I am basing this partly on talking to people in my deep blue neighborhood. If you gathered every hardcore traditional conservative, alt-righter, and tea-partier together from this city, they could all fit into my living room. I wouldn't even need to bring in extra chairs.

Men can't stand Hillary. Even Black men. The White guys and Hispanic guys I talk to (life long Dem voters) are largely voting for Trump. The black guys are not even interested in voting at this point.

The only (tepid) enthusiasm I see so far is from single women, lesbians, and the fem-men types. I see it as more of a anti-Trump vote than a pro-Hillary vote. This is a similar situation us on the Right had during Romney's last run. His (tepid) appeal was that he wasn't Obama. People need to be for something if you really want them to turn out at the polls. Plus, the Sander's supporters are still pissed. I don't see them as a big voting block. However, if enough of them sit out the election, it could swing the results a point or so in Trump's direction. Meaningless in places like Texas, but it could be enough to push PA and FL Trump's way.

chess said...

He should have taken Newt who has been through this shit for 30 years. She is what I call "Teflon ".Not much sticks. The FBI says she was horrible with her emails and zip. If you bring it up now you will hear "that is old news move on".DNC bs that she had to have known about ZIP! Old news. Khan son was a hero but dad really is not when you read between the lines but thats old news and you will get pushed to the son i.e. hero..
The campaign might been ok just listening to your kids during the primary when there were 17 others on stage but they are lost as to this level. Very early on he should have excluded CNN from press conferences.Make them pout and throw a tantrum. Then show Wolf dancing and drinking with the DNC after the nomination. Even if Cnn is pissed they couldnt nail him any worse tahn he nails himself. #2 stop freaking tweeting like an 18 yo. #3 and you brought this up Tom... Get educated. He needs a basic 4 hrs a day on regions and nations of the world. Put the dam phone down and get smart. I dont see any of that.
A world event happening will not change this other than some thing big on american soil God Hope not.. I will finish with he will not do well one on one in debates if all he has is she is a crook. THATS OLD NEWS

Muzzlethemuz said...

It's Trump's to lose and he seems well on his way to doing just that.