Wednesday, August 24, 2016

- Why You Should Hate Black People

To the ‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd, I don’t hate you because you’re black, I hate you because you’re uncivilized idiots with no self-control, who are only capable of blaming others for the problems that you bring upon yourselves.

Let’s look at some facts:

Black Americans are 17% of the population. Black men are therefore roughly 8.5% of the total population. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, that 8.5% (black men) commit 53% of the murders in the US, 93% of which also involve a black victim.

By even the harshest assessment of the crime statistics, a minimum of 2/3 of that 8.5% (all black men) are perfectly law abiding through their whole life. By that I mean I mean that they are never charged with a felony from cradle to grave. They may not be boy scouts, but there is no evidence to say otherwise. So no more than the remaining third (a maximum of 2.8% of the total population) are committing 53% of all the murders in America.

That 2/3 number is a very cynical view, and it's much more likely that even a larger portion of the black male population never even comes close to committing a homicide. Not everyone busted with enough drugs to make it a felony, or misses a traffic court date and ends up with a bench warrant also automatically commits murder. So 53% (the majority) of all murders in America are committed by a very small minority of violent black (probably young) males, and 93% of the time they're killing other black (probably young) males. It is not ‘racism’ to want to avoid them, its rational self-preservation.

Those murders aren’t happening because of white people. They aren’t happening because of society. They aren't because of oppression, or bigotry, or poverty, or anything at all except the savage behavior of a small number of black men, too stupid and uncivilized to be decent citizens. Spout all you want about the legacy of slavery (which neither you, your parents, nor your great, great, great grandparents know anything about) or white privilege, or any of the other ridiculous blame shifting nonsense that’s become so fashionable lately. None of it changes the fact that a portion of black America is extremely dangerous to be around for everyone else, and doing your best to avoid them is the correct way to behave.

The problem is not guns. My guns (I have many) have never hurt anyone and probably never will. The real problem is the tiny minority of idiotic savages that go around murdering each other. I think it’s fundamentally wrong to attempt to disarm 100 million Americans simply because a tiny portion of them can’t behave like civilized people. I think it’s equally wrong to blame all black people for the behavior of what is obviously a tiny minority.

So I don’t. I don’t hate all black people. My personal hero is a black man. My friends come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and styles and I hate none of them. I only hate the lazy, stupid, violent, illiterate, entitled, excuse generating, “f*** the police’ screaming, rioting, looting waste products that believe themselves to be downtrodden and oppressed because I didn’t give them enough my stuff. A good metric is this: the angrier someone is about ‘racism’, the more I hate them. They are the problem here, not me. No one has to be afraid of me. But everyone has to be afraid of them.

And to all you (so called) journalists who seem to be able to find new evidence of racism behind every tree… everyone knows you’re lying, so please just shut the f*** up. Whipping up an angry mob isn’t ‘speaking truth to power’, it’s whipping up an angry mob. Just because someone gets angry doesn’t automatically mean they’re oppressed or that they're anger is justified. Some behavior leads to success, and some behavior leads to failure. Show me the black man with an ivy league MBA who can only get work on a loading dock, and I’ll admit I’m wrong. But don’t hold up a bunch of people who have done nothing to help themselves except demand that I do more for them, and claim that they’re being oppressed. They aren’t. They’re all just losers who happen to be black.


Muzzlethemuz said...

Spot on. Your message here and this treatise in particular needs to be forwarded to some of the major media outlets that are fanning the flames. I don't see how anyone could get around the logic or the numbers. Hardcore libs are going to ignore it but I think the message and how it's delivered would appeal to the sitting-on-the-fence crowd that's sitting on that fence because they can't articulate like you can. You are saying what people think but for one reason or another, can't or won't express.

Tom said...

Thanks Muzz. I have neither a twitter feed nor a facebook page, but I won't raise a fuss if someone else were to link this there. It's a good way to get the right people angry I think.

Unknown said...

So do you hate white that exhibit the same negative behaviour you just spewed off? I'm curious to know because there are plenty of "lazy, stupid, violent, illiterate, entitled, excuse generating, “f*** the police’ screaming, rioting, looting waste products that believe themselves to be downtrodden and oppressed" white people.

Tom said...

As a matter of fact, I have even more contempt for the white people that see white racism everywhere than I do for the black people. I believe it's quite likely that most black people have experience at least some minor rudeness from some white person at some point in their lives, and that it was directly related to their skin color. I don't believe that means "all white people raciss!" but I can understand how they might have gotten there. White people have no excuse except the malice they feel in their own black hearts, being projected onto others. you want to see a white person who thinks black people could never handle being treated just like anyone else? Look for the white guy at the black lives matter rally.