Saturday, September 17, 2016

- Accept And Amplify

A hat tip this morning to team Trump and their acceptance of a "Game" standard. Women are irrational but predictable. They are emotional creatures incapable of self restraint in their decision making, and frequently do things where , if they were capable of being honest about it (most aren't), their inevitable excuse "I just couldn't help myself". What they will do instead, is spin up their Hamster wheel and rationalize away their reasons until it becomes something they can tolerate knowing without shattering their delusional self opinion.

That Trump is good at this doesn't surprise me. That Hillary Clinton is playing into it surprises me even less.

I've been a Trump supporter (if something short of an advocate) ever since he won the Primary. But at this time, I'd like to go on record and predict a Trump win in November. As they would say over at Heartiste (in a yoda like voice), "The Game is strong with this one."

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chess said...

I do have to give kudos for that backdrop. I hope it will be at every rally.
Tom if you need to take a little time off you should come to Missouri where on Jan 1 2017 you can conceal and carry without a permit.. Looking half a dozen pocket pistols.