Saturday, September 10, 2016

- The Art Of Talking Past Each Other

When it comes to the way our frame of reference skews our perceptions, Hillary Clinton deserves a special mention. She said yesterday that roughly 25% of the country is irredeemable - that they are basket of deplorables. These are strong words, but they are no doubt shared by a significant portion of her Lena Dunham shaped supporters. To them, anyone who refuses to be persuaded that their baseless opinions, supported only by their own feelings about themselves, are anything but the truth, really are deplorable. They are deplorable specifically, because they focus on issues (facts) which undermine their world view, which has been meticulously designed to shore up their fragile egos.

But when Hillary says it, she means something special. Hillary doesn't care about Lena Dunham's fat, ugly, rapidly aging ass. The only thing Hillary cares about is more power for Hillary Clinton. Left, right, those are just tactics to her. She'll say (and believe) anything you want so long as it gives her more control over your day to day life. And by control, I don't mean approval. What she wants is the ability to command, and have all we little proles obey. If a few eggs need to be broken to get her that kind of control, it's a price she's willing to pay.

Me, I'm a believer in individual liberty set against a more or less unchanging set of rules for government. In my view, most things that Hillary wants to do to me she shouldn't be allowed to. And when she tries, the checks and balances should prevent her from it. But that isn't the world we live in anymore. When we elect a Clinton to the post Obama Presidency, we invest her with the post Obama Justice department, the post Obama IRS, the post Obama FBI, and an excessively long list of other Federal bureaucracies with which she can torment and manage us. All of whom are no longer subject to outside review of control. Jonah Goldberg and Kevin Williamson better think about THAT the next time they want to tell us how awful life under Trump will be, because there is no way those two won't be on her short list.

I don't much care that Hillary Clinton has insulted me, my friends, and like minded Americans. But I do care that if she's elected, one of her motivating principles will be to isolate and vilify 22.5% of the population simply because they disagree with her.

Trump, for all his faults, talks about treating all Americans the same. Black, Brown, Catholic, Muslim, whatever you like. One set of rules applied to all Americans. Sure, he wants to treat non-Americans differently, but that seems fine to me. If they really want to play by our rules, then they should take the steps necessary to join our team.

Hillary meanwhile, has very specifically called out me and 66 million other people for post election political vendetta. If the most powerful person in the free world really thinks of us as totally irredeemable, then how can we expect to have our rights and liberties respected by her? You may not like Trump, but he is going to be better than that.


chess said...

Thus a kel-tec sub2000 in route from North Dakota as I type.
And Trump reiterating on Drudge what I have said. This is the last chance for repubs to ever win the presidency.It is math gone awry.
I wonder what the signal is for that Valium auto injector? It either needed to be given before her comments or it was given before her comments.

Muzzlethemuz said...

Trump's campaign needs to release the "I am irredeemable" bumper sticker ASAP. Turn it right back on them.

Tom said...

I was just this second googling to see if they came out with the T-shirt yet.