Thursday, September 22, 2016

- Barak Obama's Id

I bet I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that because the cop in Charlotte was black and they found a gun on the scene (shown now in eyewitness photos) there is no valid reason for the wholesale rioting and murder we’re seeing there. What you don’t understand (but CNN will no doubt explain) is that the black cop was just serving his white masters - the real villains. To Charlotte’s black community, none of the ‘facts’ in this case exempts white people from the justifiable rage of black men, who are deeply upset over their oppression, and injustice. If you don’t read this argument in the New York Times today, I’m certain you’ll read it tomorrow. Charles Blow and Ta Nehesi Coates are no doubt slapping away at their keyboards as we speak.

And now that the sisterhood is finally ready to take direct control of the Whitehouse, we can finally do away with giving excessive weight to these ‘facts’ and be ruled as a people by what really matters, our individual feelings. All rage is justifiable so long as the person feeling it is non-white, non-male, non-heterosexual, or can imagine some way in which they are excluded from influence by the oppressive white male patriarchy.

Someone once said that if women were in charge we’d have no wars, and that’s probably true because women are no good at warfare. But we’d have riots every 28 days.

These events in Charlotte are really just more of the same. A tiny minority of our black population is incapable of self restraint, and are all but consumed with envy, hatred, and rage at white people. They are not oppressed. They are infantile, illiterate and randomly violent oppressors, led down a path by a Democrat party and complicit press that fuels their hatred for the goal of obtaining political power over the rest of us. They are Barak Obama’s ID given physical form. They literally no longer need a white person to be involved in any issue in order to find white injustice. The very concept of law and order equally applied regardless of race, is more than enough to fill them with a desire to destroy.

And lets not kid ourselves. The other incidents stated as the cause belli for the “Black Lies Matter” movement were just as fictitious as this one. So how did Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party respond to them? She led their mothers to the podium at the convention in Philadelphia, to talk about how important it is to disarm civil, law abiding white people so that their lawless out of control sons will not have to conform to the white man’s rules.

Even that lie has died on the streets of Charlotte. A protester was shot in the head during the riots, not by police but by another protester. (at the time of this writing he’s critical and on life support – unlikely to recover) The police didn’t kill him. The police virtually never kill America’s out of control black men. They kill each other, and anyone else who is unlucky enough to come in contact with them.

There is no white on black oppression. Only the imagined slights of a group of men who are ruled by their feelings like women. Even calling them men is a stretch. They have no honor. They are incapable of respect. They are a lost generation who never learned how to control themselves. Indulgence and appeasement has made them the spoiled children of the most prosperous and fair minded society in human history. Calling them 'boy' was never more appropriate.

Their view is what the sisterhood has always argued for, and as a member in good standing, it’s what Hillary will bring us more of. The press will spin this of course, and find a way to blame it on white men, Donald Trump, or the Alt-Right. We’ll all be treated to endless essays about the legacy of slavery. But this is every bit a creation of Obama and the left. And a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to bring this kind of 'social justice' to a town near you.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Black Lives Matters = Facts Don't Matter

It is pointless to argue with the BLM crowd from a position of facts, logic, and reason. They will not listen or are incapable of understanding, due to a complete lack of critical thinking skills; instead relying on an emotional, tribal response.

Crack skulls and issue shoot to kill orders to the police and National Guard. If peace cannot be maintained through reason, it will be maintained by brute force.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

My fear is my wife or I will get into a situation like this poor guy (via Drudge)

I want a CCW, but given where I live, I can't legally carry unless I donate a shitload of money to the state Democratic party.

chess said...

I started to watch that vid and stopped. Jan 1 Missouri drops the permit for conceal and carry. I wont be without a gun ever at that point. my pocket pistol will only hold seven but at leastI cant point to one and say "you die first no matter what".

MikeCLT said...

I have lived in Charlotte for the past 15 years or so. I am somewhat surprised, but not shocked given the worsening state of race relations nationally, that these riots occurred here. Based on reports, the shooting in NC looks justified. Race relations are generally much better here than in NY where I grew up and lived most of my life.

I think that these riots will push NC to Trump. As well as the bombings in NY, NJ and the stabbings in MN.

I have always been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and have been a member of the NRA for over ten years. But I never owned a gun. I have no objections to or fear of guns. It was more out of laziness, priorities or a lack of a sense of urgency than anything else.

That changed a few months ago primarily because of reading this blog. I understood that I was being a free rider on the efforts of those who exercise and defend their Second Amendment rights. I also came to understand the full implications of "Self Defense is a Human Right," one of this blog's mottoes. As a husband and father I was always willing to defend my family but I finally realized that given the level of violence employed by criminals in our country, training with a firearm was required if I were to fulfill those obligations.

I enrolled in training and purchased firearms for myself. I have also introduced my wife and kids to firearms and begun their training so they understand them. We all go to a very good instructor who stresses safety first. My kids are learning to respect guns.

Thanks to our proprietor Tom for hosting this blog and the regular commenters here for their insights as well.

Muzzlethemuz said...

@Mike Congratulations. Train as much as you can. Get liability insurance if you haven't already, my recommendation is as follows but do your own research too: and if you haven't yet, pick up a copy of On Killing by Ret'd Lt. Col David Grossman, the definitive read on the psychology of killing and self defense. God bless.

Tom said...

Well you know me, gun = fun. I'm a recreational shooter really. It's a hobby. A form of entertainment. One of my all time favorites, 'sporting clays' is just like Golf only louder. I've never been the type to believe that I'd be defending the last holdout of civil society from the upstairs bedroom window while the forces of anarchy rage below. That's not my kind of fantasy. What's far more likely is that when things get to that point I'll be far far away, having skulked off quietly the night before. In my mind the best self defense plan is to be somewhere else when the need arises. I sincerely hope that neither I, nor anyone I know ever has to fire a shot in their own defense.

But I'm a dad. And I am very comfortable with the idea of violence if left with no other choice. And if that scares a few liberals because they think I'm a 'maniac' well more's the better. The threat of force is a lovely disincentive for the cowardly - usually the only one that's required.

I hope you have fun with it. Just because safety is such a high priority doesn't mean it can't be a hoot.

MikeCLT said...

I am not expecting major civil strife either.

The kids and I really enjoy it. It is lots of fun. We even have photos at the range for the Xmas card to scandalize my liberal sister.