Wednesday, September 28, 2016

- Debate Takeaways

Without getting into the whole ugly mess, one thing stood out as especially alarming: In order to keep jobs from leaving the country and to bring tax revenue back to the US, Hillary will appoint a special prosecutor.
As more of her Stalinistic plan unfolds before us, the grim reality is that all Americans (are racist) but an expanding army of prosecutors will be deployed to govern the actions of American Corporations and small businesses.
Here is the NPR "Fact Check" link that goes through the debate word  for word.
It is quite annoying, but we have entered an age of opinion journalism where every utterance whether serious or in jest must e subjected to a fact check by one or more of the chain-dogs of the political establishment.
I believe Trump was rattled, but the shrew helped illustrate his points: she is self-absorbed monster with a vision for America that treats hard-working and successful Americans as inconvenient obstacles.
I do believe that for the first time in electoral history, the second debate will mean something. I hope that Trump completely unloads on her and summons the spirit of the late Rodney Dangerfield to destroy her once and for all.


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Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I didn't watch the debate, but the commentary on the debate interests me. I talked with several people I know who I would describe as 'smart'. They were all men with good critical thinking skills (one of whom is self employed).

All were disappointed with Trump's performance. One even announced he was going to vote for Hillary over his performance (the latter is a bit of an emotional type, so he might change back to Trump after calming down a bit). All were expecting substance.. instead of hearing again, "It's going to be yuuuuuge!".

For the majority of the public, I don't think Trump's performance hurt him. Most people aren't critical thinkers; weighing facts, evidence, and reason. For many, Trump is a vessel, with his supporters filling the image of Trump with whatever they want him to be.

For those in the blue collar fields (men in particular) or who have soft (non STEM) college degrees, the past decade hasn't been kind. No real increase income* and security, with the future looking dim. The Republicans have failed again and again to address the concerns of this very large part of America. Then making thing worse by refusing to oppose or openly supporting policies that hurts this group even more (i.e. open borders).

* The latest figures from the Census showing a big boost in household income are bullshit.

chess said...

He cant debate. Never was able and never will be able. He can lash out but even that has to be more than just yelling.
The best debaters do it in a soft tone and then make a few emphatic points and add hand gestures. When they are done with you they have carved off an arm and a leg and the opponent doesnt even feel it.
He should be a great white shark that on that first pass takes a leg and all you felt was a bump. He doesnt know how. Slow brain

chess said...

Has anyone else noticed that CNN and MSNBC are falling all over themselves trying to get Stein and ?Johnson for interviews and then try to pick them apart for sound bites to make them look sooooo bad that maybe those folks will vote for Hillary?
The libertarian dude couldnt say one foreign leader that he respected. Chris Mathews thought that was terrible. I stopped the tv and realized after 5 minutes I couldnt think of one either....
Wake me when this is all over.Until then its mute button

Muzzlethemuz said...

HILN, I would say Benjamin Netanyahu and frankly, Vladimir Putin, without batting an eye. I'm not a fan per say but they execute realpolitik while the West dillydallies with queer narratives and global warming. Regardless, you are correct. David Duke is getting more press since 1985 as the Clinton News Network does everything it can to equate Trump with the Third Reich. I've not hit mute, I just briefly scan the headlines, make sure there's no active shoots or riots in my area, and then get back to my business. Used to be a news junkie but anymore I'd just prefer to watch blocks of sodium getting thrown into swimming pools on Youtube.

Muzzlethemuz said...

Correction on last, sent to chess, not HILN.

chess said...

Like that sodium. In 1972 my freshman year in chemistry the professor day 1 throws a glass beaker against the wall it shatters and says that folks is a physical reaction. He then pulls out a bucket of water and tosses in a piece of sodium... A bout 50 folks in the front rows ran for cover . That folks is a chemical reaction.
45 years later he would be fired and never teach again> Then the lawsuits would follow because he violated the "safe: zone

chess said...