Sunday, September 25, 2016

- The Desperation of Equalists

I’ve got to confess, I’m a little concerned. I’m not very good at gauging public opinion, because I don’t feel like I have very much in common with the average man on the street. Whatever my actual abilities, I was raised by a perfectionist to be a perfectionist, so I end up holding myself to an unachievably high standard. And although I’ve accomplished a fair amount in my life I tend to emotionally overinvest in my failures, and then continue to persevere only through force of will and determination.

I’ve come to understand that this is a common attitude among ‘type A’ overachievers. But since most people are not ‘type A’ overachievers, I’ve never felt like much of a ‘regular guy’. I’ve been told that I don’t come off as one either, by both friends and adversaries, so there's some objective verification such as it is. And that leaves me a bit short in understanding how the average guy actually thinks because his attitude is a foreign one to me. I just can’t directly identify.

This is the main reason I’ve spent so much time studying decision making. I have a pretty robust and scalable model for it now I think, and in the markets, I’m pretty confident I understand things. But that tiny sliver of behavior is pretty much where my expertise ends. When it comes to political decision making, it’s always been a bit of a mystery to me. Which brings me to Skittles-gate.

Not having a twitter account, I hadn’t heard of the issue until I finally got around to this weeks radio Derb. But to me, Don Jr.’s Skittles metaphor seems perfectly appropriate and beyond reasonable reproach. It has none the less received a great deal of completely unreasonable reproach. And to call the criticisms of it thoughtless is to be completely unfair to all future thoughtlessness.

As far as I can tell the lefts major problem with the analogy is that it’s actually a pretty good one, and describes the problem of widespread Muslim immigration pretty well. If a bag of skittles has three poison candies, who would grab a handful? But the scarier thing is that the style of the complaints about it speak volumes about who the left is and where there mindset is.

There really isn’t any other way to see this - these are desperate, panicked, deeply irrational people. They aren’t thinking, or reasoning at all, in any way. They aren’t even pretending to. If I were in some public venue and heard any one of these responses first hand, I’d be filled with a desire to check their body language carefully, turn my chair toward them so I could keep them in view, and check the safety on my CCW.

I’m not kidding, if twitter is any indication the left is really ready to blow. The dike of leftist equalism is squirting water all over the place in huge gushing streams and there aren’t nearly enough fingers to go around, so the horses are beginning to panic. And panicked horses can do enormous damage.

I remember the end of the Carter years pretty clearly, which is the last time this sort of thing happened, and the way I recall, it wasn’t like this. The way I remember it, it was more like the air going out of the leftist balloon. But this is a substantial number of people who seem to be ready for a complete nervous breakdown. Even cowards like liberals can be violent and dangerous if you get enough of them together – just look at the behavior of the scum in Charlotte. And twitter seems designed to bring them together.

For me it’s hard to identify personally with that. I’m a winner in the genetic lottery (in a couple of ways at least) so I like the idea of things being unequal because it means that I’ll be more likely to have the chance to outshine others. But for those people who know deep down that they are losers in the genetic lottery and they are faced with the fact that they may have to acknowledge that lack after decades of denial – man… they’re really terrified.

This is a paradigm I’ve written about before. Imagine being one of those 1 standard deviation below the mean black men and learning beyond any doubt, that your IQ is 15 points lower than average. In the modern world, how can your ego cope with that? The answer is that you will probably come to rely on the aspects of who you are that give you an advantage – your size, your strength, and your aggressive nature. Right now, Charlotte is full of guys like that staring down policemen.

Well this is what I imagine is motivating all leftists where politics is concerned. They can be rhetorically persuasive in spite of their failings in other obvious areas. But when that dynamic fails to provide the results you’re looking for, what do you do then? I don’t know. But if Twitter is any guide I can very easily imagine that for some significant portion of them, cell phones, pressure cookers and fertilizer may involved.

Equalism is a delusion. A fantasy generated by those unable to win in the ‘natural order’ where individuals are allowed to have an advantage over other individuals. And when this house of cards comes tumbling down, and it looks to me like it’s about to whether Trump wins the election or not, I think there are going to be casualties.

Which brings me to this post by Vox Day. Vox is a clever cerebral sort, who is unfazed by people accusing him of ‘hate-think’, which naturally makes me a fan. Here he cites some advice on surviving a riot, which I think is very well founded. The core of the advice is to be somewhere else, but failing that there is some thinking here which I find worth your time.

The best advice in my opinion is that ‘distance is your friend’. My only real exception to it is that I think these guys underestimate the affect on mob psyche of the sound of gunfire. If it comes to it, and you are forced to defend yourself, you aren’t going to need to shoot everyone. Most will decide that they aren’t as brave as they thought the second they hear the first report. If they can tell where it’s coming from that will be the moment they’ll decide to be somewhere else. And that will be your opportunity to clear out.

It’s right after a market crash that everyone is obsessed with market crashes, and it’s right after a riot that people are worried about riots, so I don’t want to overestimate the risk. But the Twitter-sphere has provided me with a window into the minds of a whole bunch of people who are so wildly irrational that I don’t believe they can cope with the failure of equalism.

But equalism is a fiction that is only preserved by ignoring evidence. And since the Alt-Right is changing the Overton window, it is GOING TO fail. When it finally does, if twitter is any indication, the people who depend on it aren’t going to take it well.


chess said...

September 24, 2016
Dr. Lisa Bardack’s Faustian Bargain Drudge Mystery of her doctor

3. A third issue in the 2015 letter is Bardack’s final evaluation of her patient. Twice she calls Clinton “a healthy female” and concludes that “she is in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as President of the United States.”

While Bardack could hardly have been expected to write otherwise, the truth is that anyone who is on lifelong Coumadin is not in excellent physical condition. As is well known, warfarin was developed as a rat poison, and increases significantly the risk of

intercranial intracranial bleeding. A recent ten-year study of 32,000 veterans found that nearly one-third developed intercranial intracranial bleeds while on warfarin. The vets were over 75, but the high figure was still very disturbing, though probably not surprising to most physicians.

And finally

While bacterial pneumonia is not as contagious as viral pneumonia, there is no test to determine whether or not a patient is contagious. A doctor defending Bardack listed three types of bacterial pneumonia not likely to be contagious. The only one that Hillary could possibly have had was aspiration pneumonia. VOILA!!!!!!

Once again pneumonia but not the cause....

If this is all from a brain problem, and it could be , FIREWORKS are coming.

I mentioned she the MD should be arrested if this is a cover up... Doctor shame on you but the title of the article says it all.................

Lisa Bardack will be fortunate if satiric reviews are the worst consequences for the disinformation campaign she has helped wage in Hillary’s behalf.

chess said...

So I start pondering whether Parkinson or a single one time stroke actually immediately disqualifies some one from running for president. Can the american public look past a single CNS incident if it was treated and that person is now running for president?
Parkinsons can and does eventually affect some mental capacity.However not all of them end up like Ali early in the disease.
There is nothing to say that Trump doesnt keel over in the next 24 hours...
The problem with the 2 people running is that at 68 and 70 there is no such thing as "healthy". There is only "healthy for their age".
The problem for Hillary is that her camp tried to hide health issues but when caught dealt out a story that might be only the partial truth. I think the deadline has passed for her "kitchen sink" moment.
What a country. God bless ...

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I use Facebook and get tagged regularly on items from the Left. This is compliments of a woman on my friends list that though is very kind, isn't much of a critical thinker.

The Far-left (BLM, Occupy Democrats, most Vegans, etc.) really do exist isolated in their own world. The social stuff I generally steer clear of, but I do on occasion respond to some of the more outrageous posts in regards to science, engineering, and energy.. which is the area that I make my living at.

My responses are based on logic with technical points thoroughly referenced. I avoid any language that could come off as a personal attack. More often than not.. my posts are quickly deleted. The Left has become a cult mind slaves.. where the slaves are happy to be slaves; who's fragile little minds must be shielded from any and all heresy.

Muzzlethemuz said...

Societal breakdown and dissolution brought to us by the, "progressive, compassionate, erudite, and worldly..." those who don't clutch their Bibles and guns. What a joke.

Sorry guys, in reference to yesterday's comments re the joys and delights of firearms ownership and use... while I agree, when we talk CCW on this site, what I'm usually thinking about these days are active shooters, getting accosted in a dark parking lot at 2345 and more Democratic "leadership."

Great site follows for those of you so inclined. Home invasions, firefights, MILSPEC gear reviews, etc. Get in the mindset and dominate the fight 'cuz right now the only people I see dominating the arena are the Democrats who never take "no" for an answer.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I listed to Derb's latest podcast. I think he does have some insights on Jewish tendency to wholly reject (non-Jewish) nationalism.... with particular hostility to nationalism combined with Christianity.

Worth a listen for any of you who haven't tuned into Derbyshire before.