Saturday, September 17, 2016

- I Alt The Body Electorate

I just glanced at The Economist's latest pearl-clutching dose of the vapors. The war on the Cartoon Frog has escalated. I think Animal House sums it up best as to what the Alt-Right is.

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Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I tried to think up of a quick response to that Economist piece but... good grief, where would I even start?

"Nazis! White Supremacists! Nationalism! oh my!!"

To those unfamiliar with the Alt-Right: If you can turn off your emotions and read with disinterest the writings of those who are most active in the movement, you will find that the Alt-Right is by no means a monolith. Lots of disagreements and debates, but unlike the Left, a lot less of shouting down dissent via the hurling of pejoratives (Nazis!).

Yes, there is a lot of screaming about Jews (which for me gets a bit annoying), this is in part fueled by the fact that Jews are overly represented by those who push Cultural Marxism. The of the Alt-Right is in part a response to this insipid ideology which permeates corporate leadership, government, and academia.

You also have plenty of Jew hate on the Left. Unlike the Left, the Alt-Right is not openly siding with groups(see immigrant invasion of Europe as an example) that want Jews dead. It isn't people who attend an Amren conference that is causing Jews to flee France and Sweden.